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2014 GMLC Program Highlights

The 2014 GMLC took place from April 7 through 18, 2014. Read the 2014 Global Museum Leaders Colloquium report (PDF).

Focus Sessions

Moderated discussions invite the GMLC participants to explore key facets of museum operations:

Building Management and Security
The participating directors examine new approaches to museum design, security, and sustainability.

Collections Management
A discussion about best practices in collection documentation and registration systems.

Communications and Marketing
A conversation on defining and conveying the museum's identity, understanding and engaging the public, and interacting with the press.

Conservation and Scientific Research
A hands-on session highlighting advanced conservation methods, emerging technology, and scientific breakthroughs.

Curatorial Practice in a Global Context
Directors and curators discuss the impact of globalization on curating, acquisitions, and exhibitions.

Development and Membership
An overview of fundraising and membership strategies as well as opportunities for leveraging new support channels.

Digital Technology and the Networked Future
An examination of the role of digital media in the museum and how technology is transforming institutions' relations with the public.

Education and Public Programming
An exploration of innovative public programming and educational resources for an increasingly diverse and international museum audience.

Legal and Financial Management
Discussions on international treaties governing relations among exhibiting institutions and effective financial planning for museums.

Strategy and Advocacy
The participating directors share insights about how to define and pursue appropriate goals and advocate effectively for their institutions.

Case Studies

All GMLC participants are invited to present case studies on their institutions, highlighting a specific management challenge they currently face.

In addition, case studies drawn from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's recent history and tailored to the interests of the GMLC participants offer a framework for group analysis and dialogue.

Spotlight Discussions

During the GMLC, a series of spotlight discussions are held in which the participating directors engage with Metropolitan Museum executives on managing:

Human Resources
Libraries and Research
Retail Operations
Visitor Services

Site Visits and Special Events

The GMLC participants meet with directors of leading New York City cultural organizations. Special evening events take place throughout the two-week Colloquium.

The 2014 GMLC group traveled to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. to visit leading museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Barnes Foundation, and the National Gallery of Art. Meetings and special events were held in New York City and Washington, D.C. in collaboration with government and non-profit organizations.