Presentation of Color the Temple project at the Temple of Dendur

The MediaLab

The MediaLab

About Us

The MediaLab is a small team within the Creative Development Group in the Digital Media Department.  Our job, broadly speaking, is to explore the impact that technology can have on the museum experience. More specifically, we do this by working with New York's creative technology community, to develop prototypes and proofs-of-concept that we share with Met staff to get feedback and fuel conversation. We run an ambitious internship program, bring in volunteers, collaborate with local schools, and partner with startups that see a benefit in working with our amazing collection, incredible staff, and vast space. Our projects are low-budget, open-source, and rapidly iterated. 

The MediaLab's work looks at the relationship between culture and technology through a variety of lenses:

  • The application of new technology to the in-gallery visitor experience.
  • The influence of the arts on the practice of creative technology.
  • Hands-on, collaborative learning enabled by digital tools.
  • Building a community of creative interaction with our collection.
  • Museum content and expertise as raw material and inspiration for new media art.
  • The development of digital tools to aid in scholarly practice.

Learn More

Curious? Completed MediaLab Projects and Events are covered in our  Blog Series on Digital Underground, the Met's Digital Media blog.

Get involved. Check out the MediaLab Hackpad to find out what we're currently working on and thinking about. The Hackpad is sort of like a "digital whiteboard," where we share links, discuss ideas in progress, and organize our projects.

Are you a coder? MediaLab projects share their code on our Github page.

For more information, contact us at:  medialab@metmuseum.org

Follow us on Twitter: @MetMediaLab


Don Undeen, Senior Manager of MediaLab

Don Undeen, Senior Manager of MediaLab

A self-taught coder from the tender age of 9 (TRS-80 CoCo 16), Don Undeen funded his music career by programming websites in the early days of the internet. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2003 with a degree in Computer Science and moved to New York that same week. Don started working at the Met in 2007, developing data systems for in-gallery interactive displays. As the Manager of the MediaLab, Don speaks publicly around the world, encouraging collaboration between cultural institutions and creative technologists.

Marco Castro Cosio

Marco Castro Cosio, MediaLab Specialist

Marco Castro graduated from NYU's interactive telecommunications program and has worked as a curator for digital art shows and festivals in New York and Mexico.  Before coming to the Met, he ​worked as the  first Visitor Experience Manager for the Queens Museum, where he  also led workshops on developing interactive experiences for diverse communities.​ As an artist, his work nurtures urban communities in practical and playful ways, like his Bus Roots project, which outfitted empty city bus roofs with lush gardens.  Marco contributed to the Rio +20 series and spoke at the TEDx conference in Cape May, NJ and is a member of the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership and a Philips Innovation Fellow.


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