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The Yard of the Inn at Emmaus

David Ryckaert III (Flemish, 1612–1661)
Oil on canvas
35 5/8 x 45 3/8 in. (90.5 x 115.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Purchase, 1871
Accession Number:
Not on view
comte Cornet de Ways Ruart, Brussels (until d. 1870); William T. Blodgett, Paris (from 1870; sold half share to Johnston); William T. Blodgett, Paris, and John Taylor Johnston, New York (1870–71; sold to MMA)
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Katharine Baetjer. "Buying Pictures for New York: The Founding Purchase of 1871." Metropolitan Museum Journal 39 (2004), pp. 197, 200, 245, appendix 1A no. 15, ill. p. 200 and fig. 34 (installation photograph).

The subject is taken from Luke 24:13–32. Both Christ's preaching and his disciples' invitation to join them at the inn appear to be depicted in the background of Ryckaert's composition. Liedtke (1984) indentifies this work and the Rustic Interior (71.13) as pendants and bases his interpretation of the pictures on their relationship. Haute (1999), however, refutes this relationship.
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