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first half 14th century
Egypt or Syria
Brass; inlaid with silver
H. 9 5/8 in.(24.4 cm) Diam. 9 1/4 in. (23.5 cm)
Credit Line:
Edward C. Moore Collection, Bequest of Edward C. Moore, 1891
Accession Number:
Not on view
Inscription: Arabic; translation:
-On upper portion: "By order of His Excellency, the Generous, the Exalted, the Lord, the king, the great amir, the Leonine, the Fighter for the Faith, the Warden of Islam, the Powerful."
-On lower portion: "By order of Bedry, the sword-bearer of the king, the Victorious, the first Commissary-general of the provisions, the Governor, the Wise, the Ruler, the Valiant, of Sayf-ad-din. (Trans. N. Martinovitch)

Translation by L.A. Mayer (Saracenic Heraldry - see bibliography):
-Upper part: "For His Honorable and High Excellency, our Lord, the Royal, the Great Amir, the Vanquisher, the Defender of the Faith, the Warrior at the Frontier, the Warden of the Marches, the most Glorious."
-Lower part: "The Favorite, the Treasure, the Viceroy, the Learned, the Governing, the Shelter, Saif ad din Bahadur al Badri, the Sword-bearer (officer ) of al Malik an Nasir."

Translation by Yassir al-Tabba (1978): "At the order of the high, noble excellency, the lord, the master, the great amir, the conqueror, the fighter for the faith, the warrior, the defender of the outposts, the most glorious, the favorite, the treasurer, the responsible, the sword, Bahadur al-Badri, the sword bearer of (al-Malik?) al-Nasir, the wise, the governor, the just the heroic."
Edward C. Moore, New York (until d. 1891; bequeathed to MMA)
New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "The Nature of Islamic Ornament Part I: Calligraphy," February 26, 1998–June 28, 1998.

Schimmel, Annemarie. "Islamic Calligraphy." Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin vol. (Summer 1992). p. 26, ill. fig. 32 (b/w).

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