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Stand for an Offering Basin with the Name of King Khafre

Old Kingdom
Dynasty 4
reign of Khafre
ca. 2520–2494 B.C.
From Egypt; Probably from Eastern Delta, Hurbeit (Pharbaethos)
H. 85 cm (33 7/16 in.)
Credit Line:
Rogers Fund, 1907
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 103
Stands like this one bearing a king's name would have been associated with a god's temple or royal funerary complex, but the best evidence for use and placement of such stands comes from private tombs where they are documented as having stood on either side of an offering table or offering slab in front of the false door.

Middle Kingdom evidence indicates this type of offering stand held mainly incense. The incense coals may have been placed in a pottery bowl or directly on the stone. Food placed on the adjacent offering slab was first passed over the incense to aid its transmission to the god or deceased person to whom it was offered.
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The alta/offering of Re (of) the Horus Weserib Khafre, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Weseremnebty, Hernebusekhem, Khafre, living like Re forever
Purchased from Maurice Nahman, Cairo, 1907. Previously in the colleciton of the Khedive of Egypt.

Lythgoe, Albert M. 1907. "An Offering Stand of King Khafra." In The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, vol. 2, no. 11 (November), pp. 180-181.

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