Highlights of the Collection / 1,857 records
Cult vessel in the form of a tower with cylinder seal impressions near the top
Date: ca. 19th century B.C.
Medium: Ceramic
Accession Number: 68.155
Cylinder seal and modern impression: hunting scene
Date: ca. 2250–2150 B.C.
Medium: Chert
Accession Number: 41.160.192
Cylinder seal and modern impression: Ishtar image and a worshiper below a canopy flanked by winged genies
Date: ca. 8th–7th century B.C.
Medium: Chalcedony
Accession Number: 1989.361.1
Cuneiform tablet case impressed with two cylinder seals, for cuneiform tablet 66.245.5a: record of a lawsuit
Date: ca. 20th–19th century B.C.
Medium: Clay
Accession Number: 66.245.5b