Project Director
Deborah Howes

Project Manager
Ann Stepanek

Curatorial Advisor
Dorothea Arnold, Lila Acheson Wallace Curator in Charge, Department of Egyptian Art

Project Advisors
Teresa M. Russo
Vincent Falivene

Ann Stepanek

Designer and Programmer
Sung Kevin Park

Lasley Poe

Activity Design and Production
Kevin Sung Park
Ann Stepanek

Digital Imaging
Paul Caro
Jackie Neale

Additional Photography
Jackie Neale

Managing Editor
Merantine Hens

Gillian Belnap

Video-to-Web Processing
Paul Caro
Jessica Glass

All photography by The Photograph Studio of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, unless otherwise noted.

Special thanks to James Allen, Jeffrey Daly, Ann Heywood, Catharine Roehrig, and the Web Group of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Video and Animation Credits

Video and animation clips excerpted from:
The Tomb of Perneb at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Producer and Director
Christopher Noey

Director of Photography
Jerry Pantzer

Jessica Glass

Lisa Musco Doyle

Digital Reconstruction
Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio

Assistant Editor
Marla Mitchnick

Lighting Director
Ned Hallick

Dolly Grip
Kelly Richardson

Additional Camera
Jessica Glass

Marla Mitchnick

Digital Imaging
Paul Caro
Jackie Neale

Animation Consultants
Christian D. Bruun, Ditlev Films
Brandon Fenning, Ditlev Films

Special thanks to Jeremiah Gallay, Jackie Neale, Sung Kevin Park, and the Department of Egyptian Art.