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"A King Offers to Make Amends to a Bereaved Mother", Folio from a Khamsa (Quintet) of Amir Khusrau Dihlavi

Amir Khusrau Dihlavi (1253–1325)

Date: 1597–98
Accession Number: 13.228.26

Rough Waves

Rough Waves

Ogata Kōrin (Japanese, 1658–1716)

Date: ca. 1704–9
Accession Number: 26.117

Qur'an Manuscript

Qur'an Manuscript

Date: dated A.H. 1268/A.D. 1851–52
Accession Number: 1980.603

Gibbons in a Landscape

Gibbons in a Landscape

Attributed to Sesson Shūkei (ca. 1504–ca. 1589)

Date: ca. 1570
Accession Number: 1992.8.1, .2

Night-Shining White

Night-Shining White

Han Gan (Chinese, active ca. 742–756)

Date: ca. 750
Accession Number: 1977.78


"Preparing Medicine from Honey", Folio from a Dispersed Manuscript of an Arabic Translation of the Materia Medica of Dioscorides

'Abdullah ibn al-Fadl

Date: dated A.H. 621/ A.D. 1224
Accession Number: 57.51.21

The Lovers

The Lovers

Painting by Riza-yi `Abbasi (ca. 1565–1635)

Date: dated A.H. 1039/ A.D. 1630
Accession Number: 50.164

Shiva and Parvati Playing Chaupar: Folio from a Rasamanjari Series

Shiva and Parvati Playing Chaupar: Folio from a Rasamanjari Series

Devidasa of Nurpur (active ca. 1680–ca. 1720)

Date: dated 1694–95
Accession Number: 57.185.2


"Krishna Holds Up Mount Govardhan to Shelter the Villagers of Braj", Folio from a Harivamsa (The Legend of Hari (Krishna))

Date: ca. 1590–95
Accession Number: 28.63.1


"Isfandiyar's Third Course: He Slays a Dragon", Folio from the Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp

Abu'l Qasim Firdausi (935–1020)

Date: ca. 1530
Accession Number: 1970.301.51

Folio from a Qur'an Manuscript

Folio from a Qur'an Manuscript

Date: ca. 1180
Accession Number: 29.160.23

Dragon Wrapped around Saz Leaves

Dragon Wrapped around Saz Leaves

Date: ca. 1550–70
Accession Number: 2000.424


"Rosette Bearing the Names and Titles of Shah Jahan", Folio from the Shah Jahan Album

Date: recto: ca. 1645; verso: ca. 1630–40
Accession Number:

Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru

Huang Tingjian (Chinese, 1045–1105)

Date: ca. 1095
Accession Number: 1989.363.4


"The Angel Gabriel meets 'Amr ibn Zaid (the Shepherd)", Folio from a Siyer-i Nebi (the Life of the Prophet)

Painting by Mustafa ibn Vali

Date: ca. 1595
Accession Number: 1994.141