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Painting Words, Sculpting Language: Creative Writing Activities at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nemens, Emily, ed., and Felicia Blum
Painting and Illumination in Early Renaissance Florence, 1300–1450
Kanter, Laurence B., Barbara Drake Boehm, Carl Brandon Strehlke, Gaudenz Freuler, Christa C. Mayer Thurman, and Pia Palladino
Painting in Renaissance Siena, 1420–1500
Christiansen, Keith, Laurence B. Kanter, and Carl Brandon Strehlke
(1988 )
"A Pair of Sphinxes in the Linsky Collection Reattributed": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 21 (1986)
Le Corbeiller, Clare
"A Pair of Wheel-Lock Pistols Attributed to Wolf Lucz of Mergenthal": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 22 (1987)
Pyhrr, Stuart W.
"A Paris Porcelain Dinner Service for the American Market": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 37 (2002)
Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney
"The Passas Painter: A Protoattic 'Realist'?": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 38 (2003)
Moore, Mary B.
The Passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
Draper, James David, and Edouard Papet, with Elena Carrara, Nadège Horner, Laure de Margerie, Jean-Claude Poinsignon, and Philip Ward-Jackson
Pastel Portraits: Images of Eighteenth-Century Europe
[adapted from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 68, no. 4 (Spring, 2011)]

Baetjer, Katherine, and Marjorie Shelley
"Pastelists at Work: Two Portraits at the Metropolitan Museum by Maurice Quentin de La Tour and Jean Baptiste Perroneau": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 40 (2005)
Shelley, Marjorie
"Pastels by Gerrit Schipper in the Metropolitan Museum": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 42 (2007)
Avery, Kevin J., and David W. Meschutt
"A Paternoster Pendant in the Robert Lehman Collection": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 24 (1989)
Hackenbroch, Yvonne