Wine-Tasting Series

Complimentary winesJoin us on the first Friday and Saturday of every month, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., for a complimentary two-ounce tasting of featured wines. Enjoy lively discussion with winemakers, spirit purveyors, and a variety of experts in the sophisticated and elegant Balcony Lounge.

The Balcony Lounge is open to Museum Members beginning at the Friend ($275) level. For more information on becoming a Member, or to upgrade your Museum Membership, see the Membership form or call 212-570-3753.

Friday, May 2, and Saturday, May 3: Travel the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Born in the 1700s amid the steep and narrow trails of the Kentucky mountains, the farmers of the new frontier discovered that by converting some of their corn and grain crops to whiskey, they could better preserve the majority of their market load as they traversed the dangerous Appalachian paths. The whiskey prevented the grain from rotting and, as Kentuckians soon discovered, provided a welcome diversion—Kentucky bourbon. The time-tested tradition of fine Kentucky bourbon has been passed down for generations, a process remaining virtually unchanged for three hundred years.

Friday, June 6, and Saturday, June 7: Biodynamic Viticulture
In recent years, the practice of biodynamic viticulture has gained popularity in many of the world's best-known growing regions, including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and South Africa. Derived from the agricultural ideas laid out by Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic viticulture embodies the ideal of ever-increasing ecological self-sufficiency.