Classes for Children

Art programs for children of Members at the Family/Dual ($210) level and above offer children the unique experience of learning about art in a studio setting or in the Museum's galleries. Beginning at the age of 3 and continuing through 15, students have the opportunity to explore and discover the Museum's collection.

For more information, please call 212-650-2819.

Parent-Child Workshops (Ages 3–6)

Explore your own creativity and witness your child's development during this historic class unique to the Met.

Art Mornings and Afternoons (Ages 5–9)

Get creative while discovering art in the Museum's studios and galleries.

Stories and Glories: World Mythology at the Met (Ages 6–8)

Uncover the world of art at the Met!  Jump into stories, mythology, and folklore from around the globe during this interactive gallery program just for kids.

Pause for Pegasus: The Inspiration of Antiquity (Ages 9–13)

The timeless myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome come alive in this unique class.

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View the summer 2014 Members Calendar, which contains information about upcoming exhibitions, events, and programs.