Prague: The Crown of Bohemia, 1347–1437

September 20, 2005–January 3, 2006

Charles IV

As the son of the king of Bohemia and the grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV was well educated, well traveled, and—through bonds of kinship—well connected with many of the courts of Europe. He ascended to the throne of Bohemia in 1347 after the death of his father. Determined to transform Prague into a suitable center of power, he built churches and bridges, founded a university, and brought in artists from across Europe. These projects redoubled when Charles was elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1355, and—despite political and religious turmoil—were carried forward by his sons Wenceslas IV (his successor as King of Bohemia) and Sigismund (who ruled as King of Hungary, Holy Roman Emperor, and also—after the death of Wenceslas—King of Bohemia).