Prague: The Crown of Bohemia, 1347–1437

September 20, 2005–January 3, 2006


Following the death of Wenceslas in 1419, Sigismund succeeded to the throne but, because of the unrest that continued in Bohemia, maintained his court in Buda and then in Bratislava for several decades. Recently unearthed sculpture from Sigismund's castle in Buda is shown (Municipal Museum, Budapest), as is his gilded silver and enamel drinking horn (Esztergom Cathedral Treasury).

In 1436–37, the final year of Sigismund's life, Prague at last came under his control. On view is one panel from a cycle of paintings commissioned for the church of St. James—of which he was the patron—that has newly been attributed to Sigismund's patronage (Moravian Gallery, Brno).