Turkmen Jewelry from the Collection of Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf

October 9, 2012–February 24, 2013

Repetition of Motifs

The objects featured in another case in the exhibition display a variety of surface decoration based on the repetition of small elements or motifs. The Kazakh makers of the tripartite pectoral ornament and the teapot-shaped ornament embellished the fire-gilded sheet surface with stamped beading and silver shot resembling granulation. The filigree on a lobed plaque from Khotan is atypical of Turkmen jewelry, but this technique may be related to the feathery low-relief patterns on the Yomut collar stud. Some pieces encompass recognizable animal forms, such as the camel-shaped amulets and the bird and fish on the teapot-shaped ornament, while others are decorated with abstract animal motifs such as ram's horns.

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