Donato Giuseppe Frisoni (Italian, 1683–1735). Design for the Salon of the Pleasure Pavilion, Favorita, at Ludwigsburg, 1718. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Gift of Leon Dalva Sr., 1965 (65.654.1)

In some cases, a presentation drawing also performed the role of a legal document. In 1718, Donato Giuseppe Frisoni (1683–1735) presented this elaborate design for a salon in the pleasure pavilion "Favorita" at Ludwigsburg (65.654.1) to his patron, Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Württemberg (1676–1732). In the inscription added to the bottom of the sheet, Frisoni describes the room and the materials in which it was to be executed: glass mirrors, marble, and stucco. He also mentions that the ceiling above was to be painted in fresco. At the lower left, the duke has signed with his initials to mark his approval of the design.