#MetKids—Questions for the Museum

Young visitors share their questions with the Met. What do your #MetKids want to know?


Producer and Director: Masha Turchinsky
Camera and Editor: Marina Zarya
Production Assistants: Aliza Sena, Emily Sutter
Post-production: Jessica Glass

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Sebastian: My name's Sebastian, and I'm eight years old and I'm from Miami, Florida, visiting the Met Art Museum in New York.

Belayneh: I'm Belayneh and I'm from New York. And I have a question for the Museum.

Irén: My name is Irén and I'm nine years old.

Ethan: My name is Ethan.

Catherine: My name is Catherine.

Ethan: I'm six.

Catherine: I'm seven.

Philip: My name is Philip. I'm eleven years old from Cleveland, Ohio, and I was wondering what the hieroglyphics on this temple mean.

Belayneh: What are the flags representing all around this room?

Catherine: And I've wondered how old the Museum is.

Sebastian: How did you get all this stuff to fit in one big museum?

Irén: How do you do it, why do you do it, and did you actually see the gods?

Ethan: I've always wondered why Egypt is so ancient.

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