New Methods at The National Museum of Art of Romania

The discussion series "Redemption: Tapestry Preservation, Past and Present" celebrates the conservation of the tapestry Christ Is Born as Man's Redeemer in the collection of The Cloisters, a project that took over thirty years. The two-day symposium gathers scholars together for conversation and presentations on the history and methods of tapestry conservation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and in European collections.

Ileana Cretu, conservator at The National Museum of Art of Romania, discusses the methodologies employed when cleaning and conserving the Museum of Romania's more than one hundred tapestries. While focusing on wet cleaning, Cretu describes their impressive textile collection, and delves into the history of textile conservation methods.

Ileana Cretu, Textile Conservator, National Museum of Art of Romania; Mihai Lupu, Conservation Scientist, National Museum of Art of Romania; introduced by Marlene Eidelheit, Director and Head Conservator, The Textile Conservation Laboratory, The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, New York

This symposium is made possible by the Quinque Foundation.
Additional support has been provided by the Kawasaki Good Times Foundation.

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