Graduate Internship Departmental Placements and Project Descriptions

The application deadline for all paid internships for college and graduate students at the Main Building is January 8, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. (EST). We will not accept applications after this deadline.

Below are project descriptions from past years. Departmental projects beginning Summer 2015 will be posted in November 2014.

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The American Wing (American Decorative Arts)
The intern will work with a curator and a research associate to research one or more potteries represented in the Robert A. Ellison Jr. Collection (dating from 1876 to 1956) and create detailed chronologies in preparation for a publication. Experience conducting art historical research and facility with a variety of online research sources required; background in art history and American art or history preferred.

Ancient Near Eastern Art
The intern will work with curatorial staff on projects associated with an upcoming exhibition on the first millennium b.c. Responsibilities include supporting curators in the production of an exhibition catalogue. Proofreading experience as well as experience working with database systems and Microsoft Excel required; French and German language skills and Photoshop and PowerPoint skills preferred.

The intern's responsibilities will include archival processing of Museum records, reference assistance, and historical research. The ideal candidate will be enrolled in a graduate program in library/information science or archives management.

Arms and Armor
The intern will work closely with a conservator on a wide variety of weapons, armor, and related three-dimensional objects. Responsibilities will include examination, treatment, and mount-making. Additional duties will include assisting with an ongoing cataloguing and photography project, for which many objects will require treatment. Additional responsibilities may include examining and documenting objects; preparation of objects for installation or loan; and upgrading storage mounts. Enrollment in a recognized graduate conservation program and completion of at least one year of study (or equivalent knowledge or experience) required; specific interest in arms and armor preferred.

Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (African Art)
The intern will work with a curator for African art on the early development stages of a new exhibition project. Responsibilities may include bibliography research, definition of a corpus of works, and assembling research material on works from the permanent collection. Interest in African art, attention to detail, and good organizational skills required; French, German, or Portuguese language skills preferred.

Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (African Sculpture)
The intern will work closely with curatorial staff and assist with projects related to two upcoming special exhibitions on African art. One exhibition will focus on the legacy of artistic expression from the Kingdom of Kongo; the other is devoted to classical African sculpture and twentieth-century Western sculptures produced in response to the classical works. Excellent research skills and experience with database systems required. Candidates with a background in modern and African art history and those with French and German language skills preferred.

Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (Conservation)
The intern will assist the departmental conservator in the examination, documentation, and preparation of works for upcoming exhibitions, installations, and/or outgoing loans. A conservation student with an interest in non-Western fiber- and fabric-based objects is preferred. Some treatment experience during the internship is possible, but is dependent upon the training and experience of the intern.

Asian Art (Chinese Art)
The intern will work with a curator to conduct research for upcoming exhibitions of Chinese art. Responsibilities will include library and Internet research, compiling bibliographies, and assembling object lists. Knowledge of Chinese art, Chinese reading skills, and familiarity with Microsoft Excel and image programs required.

Asian Art (Japanese Art)
The intern will work with a curator to conduct research for upcoming exhibitions of Japanese art—specifically, prints and illustrated books. Responsibilities will include library and Internet research, compiling bibliographies, and cataloguing and assembling object lists and image files. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and image programs is required; knowledge of Japanese art and Japanese reading skills are preferred.

Asian Art (South and Southeast Asian Art)
The intern will work with a curator to conduct research for a future publication about reading Indian sculpture. Responsibilities will include managing a photographic campaign, project planning, and object research for an exhibition on early India. The intern will assist with the planning for an upgrade of South and Southeast Asian Art Gallery labels and text panels. Library and Internet research skills, French language skills, and familiarity with image programs preferred; degree in Southeast Asian art history or archaeology preferred.

The Costume Institute
The intern will assist in the creation of a pest-identification database and tracking system, creating dye samples and re-testing dye recipes for conservation yarns and fabrics. In addition, the intern will work on other tasks including supporting the Costume Institute's exhibition and loan program. Candidates must have a background in introductory conservation ethics and principles, general chemistry, and textiles and fashion.

The intern will work closely with department staff on special projects, including environmental graphics, wayfinding, print, and projects with the Digital Media Department. The intern will have the opportunity to work on projects from concept development and research through execution and production. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, knowledge of both print and web design, experience with typography, layout, and color theory required.

Digital Media (Creative Development and Media Lab)
The intern will work with staff to explore indoor locative technology, in particular low-power Bluetooth and iBeacon solutions. We will be evaluating the technology's potential and limitations, interface design, and user-experience possibilities. Candidates should be technically proficient, and familiar with software development, physical computing, and interface design. The internship will conclude with, at a minimum, a presentation to Metropolitan Museum staff, a findings document, and a blog post.

Digital Media (Digital Learning)
The intern will assist the Senior Manager of Digital Learning with the creation of multiplatform, multimedia games for a range of content-rich media projects. He or she will assist with the preliminary development and iterative production processes, multiple phases of testing, and evaluation. The ideal candidate should have some digital media content-production experience, plus familiarity with interactive media, museums, and/or non-profits, and understanding of educational technology. Technical understanding of mobile, web, and console platforms, content-management systems, and industry developments preferred. Experience with game design and an understanding of best UI/UX practices for children's media is a plus. Intern must possess a passion for children's media, art, education, and learning at museums.

Education (Gallery and Studio Programs)
The intern will work with the Assistant Museum Educator in charge of gallery-based adult programs to help research, plan, promote, implement, and evaluate gallery-based programs for adults. Intern will be responsible for limited, select research and program participation in support of other Gallery and Studio Program areas. The intern must exhibit confidence and maturity when engaging with Museum staff, guest experts, and the public. Knowledge of and interest in art, art history, and museum education; basic knowledge of survey development; and strong Microsoft Office, social media, and writing skills required.

Egyptian Art
The intern will work on several projects, with a primary focus on the creation of electronic shelf lists for the department. Working closely with the supervising curator, the intern will cross-check and refine collections-management system (TMS) records, use Adobe Creative Suite to create the shelf lists, and assist with gallery inventory to confirm the lists. The intern will also continue the ongoing scanning of the department's accession cards, and assist with other projects as needed.

European Paintings
The intern will assist the curator of Northern Renaissance Paintings with a project associated with the recently published catalogue of early German paintings. Responsibilities include integrating curatorial files into the department's archives. The intern will learn about the Museum's collection of German paintings from an art historical and technically investigative point of view. Preferred candidates should have a reading knowledge of German.

Greek and Roman Art
The intern will assist in the preparation of a major loan exhibition on Hellenistic art. Responsibilities include assisting with the paperwork for loans, installation planning, and preparation of the exhibition catalogue. The candidate's work will include research and writing. As part of his or her training and mentoring, the intern will experience closely looking at original works of art on a regular basis. Excellent organizational skills and ability to work collaboratively required; strong communication skills preferred. Knowledge of the field of Hellenistic art and knowledge of German, Italian, and modern Greek preferred.

Medieval Art
The intern will work with the curator for Byzantine art to organize and research the department's collection of works produced in Byzantine Egypt and the associated archival material related to the Museum's excavations at several monastic sites. In addition to organizing and researching the material as a whole, under the supervision of the curator and the collections manager, the intern may conduct individual research on specific works in the collection. Candidates must be advanced graduate students in the field of Byzantine art.

Modern and Contemporary Art
The intern will work with curatorial and departmental staff in reconciling the departmental subject and pamphlet files. This is a collection of rare ephemera relating to artists' work both in and outside the Met's collection. Responsibilities will include creating a database and digitizing this material so that it can be made accessible for curatorial usage. Background in library science with an interest in twentieth-century art preferred. Experience with database systems and digitizing archival materials preferred.

Photograph Studio
The intern's primary responsibility will be digitizing the Photograph Studio's collection of large-format black-and-white photography. The intern will be trained in imaging standards, calibration techniques, digital and analog archival practices, and some digital photograph editing. The primary activity will involve scanning and editing large-format negatives. Additional departmental activities, such as copy-stand photography, clipping paths, and time-lapse photography will also be a part of the internship. Knowledge of digital imaging, digital cameras, Adobe Creative Suite and other products, proficiency with Apple platforms, and strong attention to detail and consistency required.

Photographs (Archives)
The intern will work directly with the collections specialist to arrange and describe the department's archival materials related to the Gilman Collection. The intern will organize the material, create finding aids, and update records in the collections-management system (TMS) and Access databases. The intern will have the opportunity to work on library and collections-management projects as needed. Candidate must be a current student or recent graduate of a master's program specializing in library/information science, art history, or archival management. Specific interest in photography is preferred.

Photographs (Collections Management)
The intern will work directly with the collections manager on a variety of tasks pertaining to collections care, including but not limited to: collections-management system (TMS) data entry of exhibition histories, bibliography, and provenance; collections inventory; rehousing projects; creating object files for accessioned artworks; cataloguing collection materials in TMS; and additional projects as assigned. Candidates must be current students or recent graduates of a master's program specializing in photographic preservation and collections management, museum studies, or art history. Specific interest in photography is required.

Photographs Conservation
The intern will work with staff conservators on a variety of projects including: rehousing photographs into specialized housings; surveying of collections; examination, documentation, and treatment of cased images; assisting with examination of incoming and outgoing loans; taking light-level readings in galleries; downloading and analyzing environmental conditions; color monitoring using a spectrophotometer; historical and technical research related to collections; and modest and focused scientific experiments. Candidates must have a declared specialization in the conservation of photographs and strong English language skills.

The intern will work with registrars to implement policies and procedures for acquisitions, loans, exhibitions, de-accessions, storage, packing and shipping, security of artwork in transit, and fine-art insurance administration. Projects will include: assisting exhibitions registrars with all related documents for exhibitions opening and closing during the internship period; providing assistance in the galleries; data entry; preparing condition-report binders, crate tags, catalog cards; and archiving files. The intern will assist outgoing loans registrars to track shipping records on long-term loans and enter data into the outgoing loans database. He or she will also assist exams registrars with archiving paperwork for loans and accessioned objects. One to two years of registration experience as an intern or volunteer preferred. Experience in cataloging and collections-management systems (TMS) preferred.

The Robert Lehman Collection
The intern will work with curatorial staff to conduct research on the Lehman Collection's early Italian paintings. Responsibilities will include library research, compiling updated bibliographies, and entering bibliographic information into a spreadsheet. Background in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian painting and a reading knowledge of Italian preferred.

Scientific Research
The intern will analyze and identify organic materials (such as proteins and gums) that are often used as binders, varnishes, and/or adhesives in artworks. This project also includes studying how the degradation of organic materials impacts their detection. The intern will utilize spectroscopy (FT-IR, Surface Enhanced Raman), mass spectrometry, and immunology-based techniques used and developed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art to accomplish these goals. Some research laboratory experience and a strong interest in art and the study of art materials required; scientific background preferred.

Watson Library
The intern will work with professional librarians on ongoing library workflows such as cataloging and processing incoming gifts and purchases, linking auction catalog records, and using Millennium and OCLC Connexion. In addition, the intern will have the opportunity to participate in departmental library projects and work with the Library's digitization team on in-house digitization projects.

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