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Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Moffett, Charles S.
"Impressionists in the Metropolitan": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 27, no. 1 (Summer, 1968)
Salinger, Margaretta M.
In Pursuit of Beauty: Americans and the Aesthetic Movement
Burke, Doreen Bolger, et al.
In Quest of Comfort: The Easy Chair in America
Heckscher, Morrison H.
"In Style: Celebrating Fifty Years of the Costume Institute": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 45, no. 2 (Fall, 1987)
Druesedow, Jean L.
In the Presence of Kings: Royal Treasures from the Collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nickel, Helmut
"In the Shadow of Antinous": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 7 (1973)
Frel, Jirí
India: Art and Culture, 1300–1900
Welch, Stuart Cary
Indian Court Painting, 16th–19th Century
Kossak, Steven
Infinite Jest: Caricature from Leonardo to Levine
McPhee, Constance C., and Nadine M. Orenstein
Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda
Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China
Hearn, Maxwell K.