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"Houdon's Bather in a Drawing by Pierre Antoine Mongin": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 48 (2013)
Paul, Tanya
How Prints Look: Photographs with a Commentary
Ivins, W. M. Jr.
How To Read Oceanic Art
Kjellgren, Eric
How to Read Chinese Paintings
Hearn, Maxwell K.
How to Read Greek Vases
Mertens, Joan R.
How to Read Islamic Carpets
Walter B. Denny
"Hubert Robert's Decorations for the Château de Bagatelle": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 27 (1992)
Baillio, Joseph
Hudson River School Visions: The Landscapes of Sanford R. Gifford
Avery, Kevin J., and Franklin Kelly, with Claire A. Conway, and essays by Heidi Applegate and Eleanor James Harvey
A. Hyatt Mayor: Selected Writings and a Bibliography
Mayor, A. Hyatt, with a foreword by Janet S. Byrne, Colta Ives, and Mary L. Myers
"I cacciatori amanti: The Portrait of Count Giacomo Durazzo and His Wife by Martin van Meytens the Younger": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 32 (1997)
Brown, Bruce Alan
"'Ick Sorgheloose...': A Silver-Stained Roundel in The Cloisters": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 24 (1989)
Husband, Timothy B.
"The Iconography of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio's Altarino": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 46 (2011)
Scorza, Rick