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Aquatic Animal

Animal, Aquatic

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Bengal River Fish, ca. 1804, India; Calcutta School, Pencil, gouache, watercolor, and gilding on paper (2004.176)
Big Fish Eat Little Fish, 1557, Pieter van der Heyden after Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Netherlandish), Engraving; first state of three (17.3.859)
Bottle in the form of a fish and a flask in the form of grapes, 1st–3rd century A.D., Roman, Mold-blown glass (17.194.251; 17.194.231)
Bowl with the Arms of Pope Julius II and the Manzoli of Bologna surrounded by putti, cornucopiae, satyrs, dolphins, birds, etc., 1508, Workshop of Giovanni Maria Vasaro (Italian), Maiolica (tin-glazed earthenware) (1975.1.1015)
Bowl with three fish, first half of 14th century, Iran, Fritware, monochrome glazed (59.60)
Bowl, 10th century, Iraq, Composite body, luster-painted (1977.126)
Bracelets: Crocodile Heads, 17th–19th century, Nigeria; Edo peoples, court of Benin, Brass, gilt (1991.17.80, 81)
Candelabrum with Stand, 1838, Paul Storr (British), Silver, (1976.423-h)
A Cat Stealing Fish Giuseppe Recco (Italian, Neapolitan), Oil on canvas (71.17
Censer (Incensario), 10th–12th century, Costa Rica or Nicaragua, Ceramic, pigment (1979.206.378a,b)
Confronting Figures Bottle, 4th–7th century, Peru; Moche, Ceramic (1978.412.70)
Cup Stand with Eight Buddhist Treasures, Yuan dynasty, 14th century, China, Silver (2007.187)
Double Crocodile Pendant, 8th–10th century, Panama; Macaracas, Gold, quartz (1979.206.733)
Drawing the Eel, early 1650s, Salomon van Ruysdael (Dutch, born ca. 1600–1603, died 1670), Oil on wood (71.75)
Eagle Attacking a Fish (one of five medallions from a coffret), ca. 1110–30, Conques, France, Gilt copper and champlevé enamel (17.190.689)
Fish and Rocks, Qing dynasty, dated 1699, Bada Shanren (Zhu Da) (Chinese), Hanging scroll; ink on paper (1989.363.137)
The Fish and the Fireworks, 1719, Claude Gillot (French), Etching (34.15)
Fish Hacha, 7th–10th century, Mexico, Veracruz, Stone, shell, pigment (1978.412.151)
Fish plate, ca. 350–325 B.C.; red-figure, Attributed to the Helgoland Painter, Greek, South Italian, Campanian, Terracotta (06.1021.241)
Fish, Dynasty 12–13 (ca. 1981–1640 B.C.), Egyptian; Lisht North, Tomb L847, Gold, beryl (09.180.1182)
Fisherman, Yuan dynasty, ca. 1350, Wu Zhen (Chinese), Handscroll; ink on paper (1989.363.33)
Fragment of a Bowl, 3rd–5th century, Roman or Byzantine; found in Carthage (now in Tunisia, North Africa), Rock crystal (55.135.7)
Frog Fountain, 1901; this cast, by 1906, Janet Scudder (American), Bronze (06.967)
Frog Ornaments, 15th–early 16th century, Mexico (Mixtec/Aztec), Cast gold (1998.39.1–.20)
Frog Pendant, 11th–16th century, Costa Rica; Chiriquí, Gold (1991.419.1)
Frog Pendant, 4th–8th century, Costa Rica; Altantic Watershed, Jade (1979.206.846)
Funerary Carving (Malagan), late 19th–early 20th century, Northern New Ireland, Wood, paint, shell opercula (1978.412.712)
Garden carpet, Qajar period (1779–1925), ca. 1800, Northwestern Iran or Kurdistan, Cotton (warp and weft), wool (pile), symmetrically knotted pile (67.156)
Hortus Palatinus (plate 32), bound with Les raisons des forces mouvants, 1620, Salomon de Caus (Flemish, active in Germany), Jan Norton, Frankfurt, Etching (49.122)
Housepost, late 19th–early 20th century, Auguena village, Santa Ana Island, Solomon Islands, Wood (1986.486)
Hunt Bottle, Peru; Moche, Ceramic (1978.412.69)
Incense box (kobako) in the shape of a Mandarin Duck, Meiji period, Japan, Maki-e decorated lacquer (29.100.717)
Kimono with carp, water lilies, and morning glories, Meiji period, ca. 1876, Japan, Resist-dyed, painted, and embroidered silk gauze (ro) (2006.73.2)
Mural relief fragment, 1st century A.D.; Early Imperial, Roman, Stucco (74.51.5869)
Netsuke: Ashinaga and Tenaga, 18th century, Japanese, Wood (10.211.2348)
Netsuke: Crab on a decaying lotus leaf, 19th century, Japanese, Ivory, copper alloy, gold (91.1.940)
Platter with Fish, 300–500, Late Roman; Made in Gaul, possibly found in Grand, northwestern France, Copper alloy with tin overlay (47.100.30)
Platter, last quarter of 16th century, School of Bernard Palissy (French), Made in France, Lead-glazed earthenware (53.225.52)
The Pleasure of Fishes, Yuan dynasty, dated 1291, Zhou Dongqing (Chinese), Handscroll; ink and color on paper (47.18.10)
Prestige Cloth, Ghana, Ewe peoples, 1930–50, Cotton and silk (2010.555)
Psykter, ca. 520–510 B.C.; Archaic; red-figure, Attributed to Oltos, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (1989.281.69)
Ring with Chameleon (Yawiige), 19th–20th century, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, or Burkina Faso; Senufo, Brass (1986.478.29)
Sobek as a crocodile, early Ptolemaic Period (ca. 304–247 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (1989.281.96)
Spinetta with Case, 1540, Unknown Maker, Venice, Italy, Wood and various other materials (53.6ab)
Standing cup, Probably after a design by Reinhold Vasters (German), Jasper, partly enameled gold mounts, set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and pearls (17.190.1703)
Statuette of a Dolphin, 3rd–5th century, Roman or Byzantine; Found in Carthage (now in Tunisia, North Africa), Rock crystal (55.135.9)
Statuette of a Hippopotamus, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, ca. 1991–1783 B.C., Egyptian; Middle Egypt, Meir, Faience (17.9.1)
Stemmed cup with murex decoration, late 14th century B.C.; Late Helladic IIIA:2, Mycenaean, Terracotta (1972.118.137)
Still Life: Fish, by 1908, William Merritt Chase (American), Oil on canvas (08.139.2)
Stirrup jar with octopus, ca. 1200–1100 B.C.; Late Helladic IIIC, Helladic (Mycenaean), Terracotta (53.11.6)
Tray, ca. 1879–80, Tiffany & Company (American), Silver, copper, gold, alloys (66.52.2)
Triton, 16th century (1560–70), Giambologna (Netherlandish), Made in Florence, Italy, Bronze (14.40.689)
Tunic, 7th–9th century, Peru; Nazca-Wari, Camelid hair (29.146.23)
Turtle Amulet (Yawiige), 19th–mid-20th century, Côte d'Ivoire or Burkina Faso; Senufo or Tussian, Copper alloy (1978.412.498)
Two Flat Stamps, 1st–7th century, Costa Rica; Atlantic Watershed, Ceramic (1979.206.1181,1183)
Vase, ca. 1877, Edward C. Moore (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Silver (1982.349)
Water dropper in the shape of a fish, Joseon dynasty, late 19th century, Korea, Porcelain painted with underglaze cobalt blue (2003.549)
Whalers, ca. 1845, Joseph Mallord William Turner (British), Oil on canvas (96.29)
Woman's mantle (chyrpy), early 19th century, Turkmenistan, Central Asia, Silk, cotton (1999.141)
Writing Box with Warbler in Plum Tree
Edo period (1615–1868), 18th century, Japan, Lacquered wood with gold and silver takamaki-e, hiramaki-e, togidashimaki-e on nashiji ground (29.100.695a–e)