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Animal, Mythological, Griffin

Works of Art (17)

Aquamanile in the Form of a Griffin, ca. 1425–50, German (Nuremberg), Copper alloy (1975.1.1413)
Beaker with birds and animals, 4th century B.C., Thraco-Geti style, Lower Danube region, Thrace, Silver (47.100.88)
Bowl, ca. 725–675 B.C.; Archaic, Cypriot; Said to be from Kourion, Gilt silver (74.51.4554)
Corbel with Five Interlaced Hair-Pulling Acrobats, second half of 12th century, Aquitaine, France, Limestone (34.21.2)
Dress ornaments, 5th century B.C., Scythian; Possibly northern Black Sea region, Gold (24.97.50-.51)
Head of a griffin from a cauldron, third quarter of 7th century B.C., Greek (from Olympia), Bronze (1972.118.54)
Large cista, mid-4th century B.C., Italic, Bronze (22.84.1)
Lentoid seal with a griffin, ca. 1450–1400 B.C.; Late Minoan II, Minoan, Agate (14.104.1)
Medallion with a griffin fighting an Arimaspian, 4th century B.C., Italic; Praeneste, Bronze (10.230.1)
Mirror with a support in the form of a nude girl, second half of 6th century B.C., Laconian; Said to be from southern Italy, Bronze (38.11.3)
Model of a stupa (Buddhist shrine), ca. 4th century, Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Bronze (1985.387ab)
Narbonne Arch, 12th century, French, Marble (22.58.1a)
Panel with a Griffin, 1250–1300, Byzantine; Possibly from Greece or the Balkans, Marble (2000.81)
Panel with Cross and Griffins, 500–700, Byzantine; Made in Egypt, Wood (28.12)
Psykter, ca. 520–510 B.C.; Archaic; red-figure, Attributed to Oltos, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (1989.281.69)
Silk with Griffins, first half of 13th century, Central Asian, Sicilian, or North African, Silk and silver-gilt metal on parchment over cotton (1984.344)
Textile fragment, first half of 12th century, Spain, Silk and gold-wrapped silk (58.85.1)