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Architectural Elements, Doorway/portal

Works of Art (22)

Bazaar through Glass Door, Bombay, 1989, Raghubir Singh (Indian), Chromogenic print (1991.1285)
Carved door panel, Timurid period (1370–1507), late 15th century, Present-day Uzbekistan, Samarqand, Cypress, carved, traces of paint (23.67.7)
Door guardian (dvarapala) with a bow, ca. 4th century; Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara, Stucco (1991.132)
Door hinge, 1700–1750, American; Upstate New York, Wrought iron (49.117.46)
Door lintel with lion-griffins and vase with lotus leaf, 2nd–3rd century; Parthian period, Hatra, northern Mesopotamia, Limestone (32.145a, b)
Doorboard (Jovo or Tale), late 19th–early 20th century, Kanak peoples, northern Grande Terre Island, New Caledonia, Wood, paint (1979.206.1758)
Doorway from Moutiers-Saint-Jean, ca. 1250, French, Limestone with traces of polychromy (32.147)
Doorway, carved in the 1000s, assembled in 1100s or 1200s, Central Italian; Sangemini, from the abbey church of San Nicolò, Marble (47.100.45)
Doorway, mid-12th century, French, Touraine; from the Church of Saint-Sulpice at Coulangé, near Tours, Limestone (25.120.878)
"Dutch" door, 1772, American, Gumwood, oak (34.79a,b)
Ghost Chamber with the Tall Door (New Version), 1925, Paul Klee (German), Sprayed and brushed watercolor, and transferred printing ink on paper, bordered with gouache and ink (1987.455.16)
Howard Carter Looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun's Second Shrine, January 1924, Harry Burton (English), The Egyptian Expedition of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gelatin silver print (TAA 678)
Lion mask door pull, ca. 1425–50, Germany; Nuremberg, Copper alloy (2007.20)
The Old Plum, Edo period, 1646, Kano Sansetsu (Japanese), Four sliding door panels (fusuma); ink, color, gold leaf on paper (1975.268.48a-d)
The Open Door, 1844, William Henry Fox Talbot (British), Salted paper print from paper negative (2005.100.498)
The Open Door, 1932, Charles Sheeler (American), Conté crayon on paper, mounted on cardboard (1992.24.7)
Pair of doors, 9th century; Abbasid, Iraq, Carved wood (31.119.1,.2)
Pair of flower style doors, 17th century, India, Wood (2009.376a,b)
Pair of minbar doors, Mamluk period (1250–1517), ca. 1325–30, Egypt, Cairo, wood (rosewood and mulberry), carved, inlaid with carved ivory, ebony, and other woods (91.1.2064)
Panel with horse heads, Fatimid period, 11th century, Egypt, Wood (teak), carved (11.205.2)
Portiere (door curtain), ca. 1883, Candace Wheeler (American), for Associated Artists (New York City), Front: silk velvet and silk appliquéd and embroidered with silk and wool; back: silk damask (2003.48)
Tent door hanging (ensi), first half of 19th century, Central Asia, present-day Afghanistan or Turkmenistan, Wool (warp, weft, and pile), cotton (pile), asymmetrically knotted pile (22.100.42)