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Architectural Elements, Frieze

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Cup with a frieze of gazelles, early 1st millennium B.C., Northwestern Iran, Caspian region, Gold (62.84)
Frieze Fragment (possibly from an altar), 18th century, Bolivian, Silver (1978.303.7)
Lion from a Frieze, after 1200, Spanish; Made in Burgos, Castile-León, Fresco, mounted on canvas (31.38.1a)
Procession of Süleyman the Magnificent through the Hippodrome, 1533, Pieter van Aelst, the Younger (Flemish), Woodcut, single sheet from a frieze printed on ten sheets (28.85.7a)
Tile frieze, Ilkhanid period (1206–1353), second half of 13th century, Iran, Kashan, stonepaste, molded, in-glaze painted in blue and turquoise, luster painted on an opaque white glaze (10.9.1)
Tile from an inscriptional frieze, Ilkhanid period (1206–1353), dated A.H. 707 / A.D. 1308, Iran, Natanz, from the shrine of 'Abd al-Samad, Stonepaste, underglaze painted in blue, luster painted on opaque white ground, modeled (12.44)
Vessel fragment with frieze of a bull, 3300–2900 B.C.; Late Uruk/Jemdet Nasr period, Mesopotamia, Steatite, chlorite (50.218)