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Architectural Elements, Panel

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Painted dado panel, 9th century, Found at Iran, Nishapur, Tepe Madrasa, Room W20, Stucco; painted (40.170.176)
Panel with a Griffin, 1250–1300, Byzantine; Possibly from Greece or the Balkans, Marble (2000.81)
Panel with horse heads, Fatimid period, 11th century, Egypt, Wood (teak), carved (11.205.2)
Panel, 14th century; Marinid, Morocco, Carved and polychromed wood (1985.241)
Panel, Marquetry, second half of 8th century; Abbasid, Egypt, Fig wood and bone (37.103)
Two Grisaille Panels, 1320–1324, French; Paris, from the Chapel of Saint-Louis, north aisle, royal abbey of Saint-Denis, Pot-metal and white glass, silver stain (1982.433.3,4)
Two Panels of an Ivory Diptych Announcing the Consulship of Justinian, 521, Byzantine; Made in Constantinople, Ivory (17.190.52, 53)
Velvet panel with flowering plants, first half of 17th century; Safavid, Iran, Silk, cotton, flat metal thread; cut and voided velvet, brocaded (12.72.5)
Vertical Panel with a Man and Woman, ca. 1631, Hans Janssen (Dutch), Blackwork and engraving (47.108.11[2])