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Asian Art, China

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Altar Set, Shang and Western Zhou dynasties, late 11th century B.C., China, Bronze (24.72.1–14)
Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru (Yaoshi fo), Yuan dynasty, ca. 1319, Shanxi Province, China, Water-based pigment over foundation of clay mixed with straw (65.29.2)
Eight Views of Mount Huang, Qing dynasty (1644–1911), 1681, Zheng Min (Chinese, 1633–1683), Album of nine double leaves of painting and calligraphy; ink on paper (2012.167a–l)
Emperor Xuanzong's Flight to Shu, Song dynasty, mid-12th century, China, Hanging scroll, ink, color on silk (41.138)
Palace Banquet, Five Dynasties (907–60) or Northern Song (960–1127) dynasty, 10th–11th centuries, China, Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, (2010.473)
Tray with Two Flycatchers and Hollyhocks, 14th century, China, Yuan dynasty, Carved red lacquer (2011.120.1)

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