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Buddhist Manuscript

Book, Manuscript, Buddhist

Works of Art (7)

Cover for a Buddhist manuscript, 12th century, Nepal, Ink and color on wood (1984.479.1b)
Illuminated pages from a dispersed Dharani manuscript, 14th–15th century, Tibet (Zhalu monastery), Inks and color on paper (1986.509.1a,b)
Illustrated manuscript of the Lotus Sutra, Goryeo dynasty, ca. 1340, Unidentified artist (late 14th century), Korea, Folding book, gold and silver on indigo-dyed mulberry paper; 106 pages (1994.207)
Lotus Sutra, Heian period, 12th century, Japan, Gold on indigo-dyed paper (65.216.1)
Manuscript cover with scenes from Kalidasa's play, Shakuntala, 12th century, Nepal, Ink and color on wood (L.1985.42.28)
Pair of manuscript covers with Buddhist deities, late 11th century, Nepal, Distemper on wood (1976.192.1-2)
Portrait of Atisha, ca. 1100, Tibet (a Kadampa monastery), Distemper on cloth (1993.479)