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Calligraphy from Africa and Egypt

Calligraphy, Africa (including Egypt)

Works of Art (8)

Amulet, 11th century; Fatimid, Egypt, Ink on paper (1978.546.32)
Coptic Manuscript, Coptic; Possibly from the Dayr al-Suriyan (Monastery of the Syrians), Wadi an-Natrun, Egypt; Written and illustrated in Egypt; Written in Coptic, with Arabic in the margins, in black and red, Paper (19.196.3)
Folio from the "Blue Qur'an,", second half of 9th–mid-10th century,Tunisia, probably Qairawan, Gold and silver on indigo-dyed parchment (2004.88)
Leaf from a Qur’an, ca. 1250–1350, North Africa, Ink, colors, and gold on vellum (37.21)
Mosque lamp for the Mausoleum of Amir Aydakin al 'Ala'I al-Bunduqdar, Mamluk period (1250–1517), shortly after 1285, Egypt, probably Cairo, Glass, brownish, blown, folded foot, applied handles, enameled and gilded (17.190.985)
Panel of four calligraphic tiles, 14th–early 15th century; Marinid, Morocco, Glazed composite body (1999.146)
Prayer manuscript, 19th century, Nigeria, Blackish brown ink, and red, yellow, and blue color on paper (1997.301a,b)
Volume from a thirty-part Qur’an, 18th century, North Africa, probably Tunisia, Colors and gold on paper, leather binding (1982.120.2)