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Clothing, Undergarments

Works of Art (12)

Brassiere, 1920s, French, Silk, cotton (1977.363.18)
Bustle, ca. 1871, British, Cotton, metal (1985.27.4)
Corset cover, 1900–1910, American, Cotton (1982.316.8)
Corset, 1770s, Italian, Yellow, red, and ivory silk compound weave (C.I.40.173.6a–e)
Corset, 1891, Maison Léoty (French, late 19th century), Silk (C.I.45.27)
Corset, late 1760s, French, Silk, linen, leather, wood, baleen (C.I.50.8.2)
Crinoline, 1860, American, Metal, cotton (1986.180)
Ensemble, 1967, Emanuel Ungaro (French), White elasticized net with allover appliqués of white braid trefoils (1970.89.1a-c)
Girdle, 1924, American or European, Silk (1974.258.11)
Panniers, ca. 1750, British, Tan linen and baleen (1973.65.2)
Petticoat, 1830s, American, Cotton (1992.365)

Corset, 1830s, American, Cotton (1987.238)

Sleeve supports, ca. 1828, British, Cotton, baleen (C.I.66.38.5a,b)
Statuette of a veiled and masked dancer, Hellenistic, 3rd–2nd century B.C., Greek, Bronze (1972.118.95)