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Andromache and Astyanax, ca. 1798, Pierre Paul Prud'hon (French), Pen and gray ink with brush and brown wash over traces of black chalk (1999.348)
Calligraphy page, 1714; Safavid, Iran, Ink, colors, and gold on paper (62.152.14)
Coast View with Perseus and the Origin of Coral, 17th century, Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée) (French), Pen, brown ink, brown, blue, and gray wash, heightened with white gouache (64.253)
Design for a Silver Vessel with Scenes from the Passion of Christ, ca. 1600, Paulus Willemsz. van Vianen (Netherlandish), Black chalk, pen and brown ink and brown wash (2000.581)
Folios from a Qur'an manuscript, 383 A.H. / 993 A.D., Iran, Isfahan, Ink and gold on paper (40.164.5a, b)
A Fountain in a Grotto, ca. 1598, Giovanni Guerra (Italian), Pen and brown ink, brush and brown wash, over traces of black and red chalk (1999.63)
Jupiter and Juno: Study for the "Furti di Giove" Tapestries, ca. 1532–35, Perino del Vaga (Italian), Pen and ink with brown wash, heightened with white, on gray paper (2011.36)
A King of Judah and Israel, n.d., Martin Fréminet (French), Pen and brown ink, black chalk with heightening in white (2011.319)
The Mourning of Pallas, Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (French), Pen and brown ink, brush and gray and brown wash, heightened with white (1996.567)
Page of calligraphy in ornamental style, 1868–69, Malik Muhammad Qazvini, Iran, Black ink on buff paper (1998.268)
Page of calligraphy, Qajar period (1779–1925), early–mid-19th century, Signed by Muhammad Shafi', known as Vesal-e Shirazi, Iran, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper (1979.518.6)
Perseus and the Origin of Coral, ca. 1671
Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée) (French), Black chalk, sepia and black ink, sepia and gray wash heightened with white (1975.1.661)
Shirt #1, 1958, Siah Armajani (Iranian), Cloth, pencil, ink, wood (2012.109)
A Wooded River Landscape with a Church and Figures, 1613, Hendrick Avercamp (Dutch), Gouache, watercolor, over lead point or graphite, on paper prepared with gouache; framing line in pen and brown ink and gold paint (2013.646)

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