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Fifth and Sixth Dynasties of Egypt in the Old Kingdom

Egyptian Art, Old Kingdom, Dynasties 5–6

Works of Art (10)

Cosmetic Jar in the Form of a Cat, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, ca. 1991–1783 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (calcite) with inlaid eyes of rock crystal and copper (1990.59.1)
Hand and foot amulets, Dynasty 5–8 (ca. 2465–2100 B.C.), Egyptian, Carnelian (foot: 10.130.2355; hand: 10.130.2358)
King Sahure and a Nome God, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5, ca. 2458–2446 B.C., Egyptian, Gneiss (18.2.4)
Mastaba Tomb of Perneb, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5, end, reign of Isesi-Unis, ca. 2381–2323 B.C., From Egypt, Memphite Region, Saqqara, Tomb of Perneb, Quibell, Egyptian Antiquities Service, Limestone, paint (13.183.3)
Nikare with his Wife and Daughter, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5, reign of Niuserre or later, ca. 2420–2389 B.C., From Egypt, Memphite Region, Saqqara probably, Limestone, paint (52.19)
Recumbent lion, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4–early Dynasty 5 (ca. 2575–2450 B.C.), Egyptian, Granite (2000.485)
Sistrum, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Teti, 2323–2291 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (26.7.1450)
Statuette of a queen, Middle Kingdom, late Dynasty 12–Early Dynasty 13 (ca. 1825–1750 B.C.), Egyptian, Schist (65.59.1)
Two Vases in the Shape of a Mother Monkey with Her Young, a) Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Merenre I, ca. 2255–2246 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (30.8.134) (b) Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Pepi I, ca. 2289–2255 B.C., Egyptian, Egyptian alabaster (1992.338)
Writing board of an apprentice scribe, Dynasty 11 or earlier (ca. 2030 B.C.), Egyptian; Provenance unknown, Whitewashed wood and ink (28.9.5)