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Figure, Deity, Egyptian, Anubis

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Anubis, Dynasty 26–30 (ca. 688–332 B.C.), Egyptian, Faience (04.2.151)
Coffin set of Henettawy, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21, reign of Psusennes I, ca. 1040–992 B.C., Egyptian; From Deir el-Bahri, western Thebes, Gessoed and painted wood (25.3.182–184)
Relief of King Amenemhat I, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat I, ca. 1981–1952 B.C., Egyptian, Painted limestone (08.200.5)
Statuette of the god Anubis as embalmer, Ptolemaic Period, ca. 332–30 B.C., Egyptian, Wood with gesso and paint (38.5)