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Eros or Cupid

Figure, Deity, Greek and Roman, Eros/Cupid

Works of Art (37)

Amorini Celebrate the Rape of Proserpina, 1805–12, Francesco Rosaspina (Italian), after an oil painting by Francesco Albani (Italian), Engraving and etching (45.78.123)
Apollo Slays the Python and Quarrels with Cupid: From the series The Story of Apollo and Daphne, mid-16th century, Master of the Die (Italian, active Rome), after Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi (Italian), Engraving (49.97.323)
Aureus of Septimius Severus, with a portrait of Julia Domna, ca. 193–96 A.D.; Severan, Roman, Gold (99.35.218)
Birth of Cupid, Master of Flora (Italian, Fontainebleau), Oil on wood (41.48)
Box with Sleeping Eros, 300s, Roman or Byzantine; Said to have been found in Tartus, Syria, Silver (47.100.33)
Bronze hydria (water jar), 4th century B.C.; Classical, Greek, Bronze (44.11.9)
Candelabrum Centerpiece, 1835–36, Paul Storr (British), Silver-gilt, (60.55.10a-s)
Courtesan and Blind Cupid, ca. 1588, Pietro Bertelli (Italian, Paduan), Engraving and etching; sheet (55.503.30)
Cross-Shaped Pendant and Four Other Motifs, 1622, Giovanni Battista Costantini (Italian), Blackwork and engraving (23.101.8)
Cupid on a Lion, ca. 1675–90, Mattheus van Beveren (Flemish), Flemish, Ivory, ebony base (1980.220)
Cupid with the Arms of Mars, ca. 1547–62, Adamo Scultori (Italian, Mantuan), Engraving (49.97.479)
Diana and Cupid, 1761, Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (Italian, Roman), Oil on canvas (1982.438)
Dish: The Wedding Feast of Cupid and Psyche, 1558, Pierre Reymond (French), Enamel on copper (1984.195)
Feast of the Gods at the Marriage of Cupid and Psyche, 1587, Hendrick Goltzius (Netherlandish), after Bartholomeus Spranger (Netherlandish), Engraving, printed from three plates on three attached sheets; second state of four (2000.113)
Finger ring engraved with a seated woman and flying Eros, second half of 5th century B.C., Greek, Gold (1994.230.1)
Intaglio with Eros carrying the weapons of Herakles, 1st century B.C., Roman, Almandine garnet (81.6. 31)
La Table aux Amours (The Demidoff Table), 1845, Lorenzo Bartolini (Italian), Marble (03.11a–d)
Mandora or chitarino, ca. 1420, Northern Italy (Milan?), Boxwood and rosewood (64.101.1409)
The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche, ca. 1550, Andrea Schiavone (Andrea Medulic or Meldolla) (Italian, Venetian), Oil on wood (1973.116)
Mars and Venus United by Love, Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari) (Italian, Venetian), Oil on canvas (10.189)
The Musicians, ca. 1595, Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) (Italian, Lombard), Oil on canvas (52.81)
Omnia vincit Amor, 1599, Agostino Carracci (Italian, Bolognese) (17.3.1853)
Plaster model for Cupid and Psyche, 18th century (1794), Antonio Canova (Italian), Rome, Italy, Plaster (05.46)
The Power of Cupid (Jupiter Disarmed), ca. 1530–50, Master of the Die (Italian, active Rome), after Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi (Italian), Engraving (49.97.328)
Psiche Curieuse, mid-1770s, Giovanni David (Italian), Etching and aquatint (1976.629)
Roundel with mock Triumph of Love, ca. 1510–20, Perhaps Castel Durante or elsewhere in the Marches, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1025)
Sampler, 1656, Anna Buckett, English, Linen worked with silk threads; long-and-short, split, stem, back, tent, cross, and satin stitches (64.101.1327)
Sleeping Cupid, mid-17th century, Bartolomeo Coriolano (Italian, Bolognese), after Guido Reni (Italian, Bolognese), Chiaroscuro woodcut from two blocks (22.73.3[107])
Statue of Aphrodite holding winged Eros, late 4th century B.C.; Hellenistic, Cypriot; Said to be from the temple at Golgoi, Limestone (74.51.2464)
Statue of Eros sleeping, Hellenistic, 3rd century B.C.–2nd century B.C.,Greek, Bronze (43.11.4)
The Triumph of Love, ca. 1485–90, Francesco Rosselli (Italian, Florentine), Engraving (25.2.33)
Vase, 18th century (1780), Made by Wedgwood and Co., Etruria/Staffordshire, England, Black basalt (66.17)
Venus and Adonis, mid- or late 1630s, Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish), Oil on canvas (37.162)
Venus and Cupid, ca. 1525–27, Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Oil on panel (1982.60.48)
Venus and Cupid, late 1520s, Lorenzo Lotto (Italian, Venetian), Oil on canvas (1986.138)
Venus Entrusting an Infant to Time, ca. 1758, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (Italian, Venetian), after Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italian, Venetian), Etching (57.619.5)
Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses, early 17th century, Giovanni Luigi Valesio (Italian), Engraving (17.50.16[188])