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Indigenous Deity from West Asia

Figure, Deity, Indigenous Religions, West Asia

Works of Art (18)

Cylinder seal and modern impression: Ishtar image and a worshipper below a canopy flanked by winged genies, 8th–7th century B.C.; Neo-Assyrian period, modeled style, Mesopotamia, Chalcedony (1989.361.1)
Cylinder seal and modern impression: worshipper approaching bearded god, 1820–1730 B.C.; Classic Syrian I style, Syria, Hematite (1991.368.5)
Helmet with divine figures beneath a bird with outstretched wings, 14th century B.C.; Middle Elamite period, Southwestern Iran, Bronze (63.74)
Medallion with a seated deity and a male worshipper, 8th–7th century B.C., Urartian; Eastern Anatolia, Silver, gold foil (1989.281.20)
Molded plaque with a king or god carrying a mace, 2000–1700 B.C.; Isin-Larsa-Old Babylonian period, Southern Mesopotamia, Ceramic (32.39.2)
Nude female with birdlike face holding an infant, ca. 1450–1200 B.C.; Late Cypriot II; Base-Ring Ware, Cypriot; Said to be from Nicosia–Ayia Paraskevi, Terracotta (74.51.1542)
Nude goddess figurine, [late 8th–7th century B.C.?], Excavated at Tell el-Duweir (ancient Lachish), southern Levant, Ceramic (34.126.53)
Openwork stamp seals, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium B.C., Central Asia (Bactria-Margiana), Copper alloy (1984.4)
Part of a throne with deity on a bull, late 8th–7th century B.C.; Urartian style, Probably Toprakkale, eastern Anatolia, Bronze (50.163)
Pins with spherical heads, 15th–13th century B.C.; Hittite Empire period, Central Anatolia, Gold (1989.281.14)
Plaque of Mithras slaying the bull, mid-Imperial, 2nd or early 3rd century A.D., Roman, Bronze (1997.145.3)
Seated goddess with a child, Hittite Empire, Old Hittite; 15th–13th century B.C., Anatolia, central region, Gold, (1989.281.12)
Smiting god wearing an Egyptian atef crown, 15th–14th century B.C., Levant, Bronze (1986.42)
Statue of a woman, 1st century B.C., Cypriot; said to be from the ruins of Golgoi, Limestone (74.51.2456)
Statuette of Cybele on a cart drawn by lions, Imperial, second half of 2nd century A.D., Roman, Bronze (97.22.24),
Three female figures, ca.1400–1300 B.C.; Late Helladic IIIA, Mycenaean, Terracotta (35.11.16–.18)
Votive panels, Kushan dynasty, ca. 3rd century A.D., Bactria (northern Afghanistan), Terracotta and gouache (2000.42.2,4)
Winged deity, 13th century B.C.; Hittite Empire period, Anatolia, Bronze, gold (1990.255)