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Ruler from Central Europe (including Germany)

Figure, Ruler, Europe, Central Europe (including Germany)

Works of Art (17)

Cameo: Silhouette portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna and Grand Duke Paul, dated 1791, Russian; Saint Petersburg, Cut glass (1999.525)
Catherine II, Empress of Russia, 1771, Jean-Baptiste Nini (French); Chaumont-sur-Loire, Cast terracotta (terre de Chaumont) (52.189.11)
David Roentgen and Company in Saint Petersburg, 1784–86, Johann Friedrich Anthing (German, ca. 1753–1805), Cut paper, ink, watercolor, gold foil (48.73.1)
The Empress Elizabeth of Russia (1709–1762) on Horseback, Attended by a Page, Georg Christoph Grooth (German), Oil on canvas (1978.554.2)
Enthroned King, ca. 1230–1235, North Italian; Made in Lombardy or the Veneto, Limestone (pietra di Aurisina, province of Trieste) (22.31.2)
Figure of Augustus the Strong, ca. 1713, Stoneware, German; Meissen, Stoneware (1982.60.318)
Frederick III (1463–1525), the Wise, Elector of Saxony, 1533, Attributed to Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Oil on wood, printed first on paper and then laid down on wood (46.179.1)
John I (1468–1532), the Steadfast, Elector of Saxony, 1533, Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Oil on wood, printed first on paper and then laid down on wood (46.179.2)
John, Duke of Saxony, ca. 1537, Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Oil on wood (08.19)
Mary of Burgundy, Tyrol(?), 1528, Master H.A. or A.H., Oil on conifer panel (1975.1.137)
Plaque with Otto I presenting the Cathedral of Magdeburg, 962–968, Ottonian; From the Cathedral of Magdeburg, probably made in Milan, northern Italy, Ivory (41.100.157)
Portrait Medals: Empress Maria and Emperor Maximillian II, dated 1575, Monogrammed "AN:AB" for Antonio Abondio (Italian) Silver, uniface (1989.12.2,3)
Portrait of Daniel, Archbishop of Mainz, dated 1568, Monogrammed by the Master H.K V.B, South German or Middle-Rhenish, Honestone (17.190.488)
Portrait of Margaret of Austria, ca. 1490, Jean Hey (Master of Moulins) (Flemish), Oil on oak panel (1975.1.130)
Relief Allegory of Virtues and Vices at the Court of Emperor Charles V, dated 1522, Monogrammed "HD" for Hans Daucher (German, Augsburg), Honestone relief, touches of gilding (17.190.745)
Tea and coffee service, 1773, Johan Henrik Blom (Finnish), Russian; Saint Petersburg, Parcel-gilt silver, enamel, ebonized fruitwood (47.51.1–.5)
[Unique Pair of Personal Travel Albums Made by the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna Showing Events in the Daily Life of the Russian Imperial Family], 1917, Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna (Russian, born Denmark), Gelatin silver prints; photomechanical reproductions (1996.438ab)