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Mythological Figure from Central America

Figure, Mythological, Mesoamerica and Central America

Works of Art (8)

Eagle Transformation Figure, 10th–6th century B.C., Mexico; Olmec, Jade (albitite), cinnabar (1994.380)
Figure, 13th–15th century, Dominican Republic; Taino, Diorite or granodiorite (1982.48.6)
Jar with Ritual Scene, 15th century, Mexico; Mixtec/Nayarit, Ceramic (1992.3)
Mask, 12th–9th century B.C., Mexico; Tlatilco, Ceramic (1979.206.1073)
Masked Figure Pendant, 11th–16th century, Panama; Veraguas, Gold (1979.206.777)
Pair of Pedestal Plates, 5th–8th century, Panama; Conte, Ceramic (1993.307.1,2)
Pendant Figure, 13th–15th century, Dominican Republic; Taino people, Stone (1997.35.3)
Vessel with Mythological Scene, 8th century, Mexico or Guatemala; Maya, Ceramic (1978.412.206)

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