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Americana, 1931, Charles Sheeler (American), Oil on canvas (1992.24.8)
Armchair (bergère en cabriolet) (one of a pair), ca. 1760–70, Stamped by Claude-Louis Burgat (French), Carved and gilded beechwood (1982.60.89)
Armchair (bergère en cabriolet), 1788, Jean-Baptiste-Claude Sené (French), Carved, painted, and gilded walnut (41.205.2)
Armchair (from a set), ca. 1902–3, Made by Frank Lloyd Wright (American), White oak (1972.60.4)
Armchair (part of a large set), 1753, Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot (French), Carved and gilded beechwood, covered with the original silk and wool Beauvais tapestry covers (35.145.26a, .25b, .23c,d)
Armchair and matching side chair, ca. 1870–75, Attributed to Pottier & Stymus Manufacturing Company (American), Rosewood, prickly juniper veneer(1970.35.1–2)
Armchair, 1765–75, Attributed to Thomas Affleck (British, active in America), American, Mahogany, white oak (59.154)
Armchair, 1769, John Mayhew (English) and William Ince (English), Gilded fruitwood, tapestry (58.75.16)
Armchair, 1801, Attributed to Samuel McIntire (American), American, Mahogany, birch, white pine (45.105)
Armchair, 1805–12, Charles-Honoré Lannuier (French), New York City, Mahogany (31.44.2)
Armchair, 1843, Auguste-Émile Ringuet-Leprince (French; firm active Paris), Ebonized fruitwood (apple or pear), beech, gilt bronze mounts, original upholstery (69.262.3)
Armchair, 1868–70, Attributed to John Jelliff (American; firm active Newark, New Jersey), Rosewood, ash, mother-of-pearl (68.133.3)
Armchair, 1922, Marcel Breuer (American, born Hungary), Oak, wool upholstery (1983.366)
Armchair, ca. 1710, French, Carved and gilded walnut, covered in late 17th-century wool, velvet (1983.526)
Armchair, ca. 1768, Attributed to Thomas Affleck (American, born Scotland), Philadelphia, Mahogany and white oak with modern yellow silk upholstery (2007.302a–c)
Armchair, ca. 1775, American, Mahogany, red oak, sweet gum (1984.287)
Armchair, ca. 1828, Karl Friedrich Schinkel (German), Gilded mountain ash, brass (1996.30)
Armchair, ca. 1850, Chair frame by firm of Joseph-Pierre-François Jeanselme (French); upholstery by firm of Jacques-Michel Dulud, Carved rosewood, leather, silk, serge (1995.164)
Armchair, ca. 1855, Attributed to Gustave Herter (American, born Germany; firm active New York City), Walnut (1986.204)
Armchair, ca. 1860, French, Gilded wood, upholstered in modern green tufted velvet (1998.382)
Armchair, ca. 1891–92, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American); Samuel Colman (American), Oak, silk velvet (1992.125)
Armchair, ca. 1905, Designer: Henri-Jules-Ferdinand Bellery-Desfontaines (French), French (Paris), Walnut, copper, brass, tapestry covers, brown plush (1990.213)
Armchair, ca. 1907–9, Charles Sumner Greene (American) and Henry Mather Greene (American); Made by Peter and John Hall's Workshop, Pasadena, California, Honduras mahogany, ebony, fruitwood, silver, copper, and mother-of-pearl (1992.127)
"B35" armchair, 1928–29, Marcel Breuer (American, born Hungary); manufactured by Gebrüder Thonet GmbH, Tubular steel, wood, and canvas (1985.127)
Banister-back chair, 1715–35, Northeastern coastal Massachusetts or Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Poplar, maple, ash (52.195.8)
Bedroom from Sagredo Palace, Venice, 18th century (ca. 1718), Stuccowork probably by Abbondio Stazio of Massagno (1675–1745) and Carpoforo Mazzetti (ca. 1684–1748); ceiling painting probably by Gasparo Diziani of Belluno (1689–1767), Italian (Venice), Wood, stucco, marble, glass (06.1335.1a-d)
Bench, 1825–50, American; Hancock, Massachusetts, Pine (66.10.2)
The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book: Frontispiece and title page (vol. 1), plates 33 and 35 (vol. 2), 1793, Thomas Sheraton (British) London (161 Sh5)
The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide: Title page, plates 2 and 6, 1788, George Hepplewhite (British), London (161 H41)
Chair panel of Thutmose IV, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose IV, ca. 1400–1390 B.C., Egyptian, Cedar (30.8.45)
Chair strip with auspicious patterns (one of a pair), Qing dynasty, 18th century, China, Tapestry-woven (kesi) silk and metallic thread (65.210.1)
Chair, 19th–20th century, Chokwe peoples; Angola, Wood, brass, tacks, leather (1978.412.619)
Chair, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, early co-reign of Thutmose III and Hatshepsut, ca. 1479–1473 B.C., Egyptian; From the tomb of Hatnofer and Ramose, western Thebes, Boxwood, cypress, ebony, linen cord (36.3.152)
Child's chair, ca. 1946, Charles Eames (American); Ray Eames (American); manufactured by Herman Miller Furniture Company, Zeeland, Michigan, Molded plywood (1986.437)
"Contour" chair, designed 1970, manufactured ca. 1982, Frank Gehry (American); Manufacturer: Easy Edges Inc., Corrugated cardboard, Masonite (1987.357)
Cupboard, 1800–1900, American; New Lebanon, New York, Pine (66.10.11)
DCW side chair, 1946, Charles Eames (American), Birch plywood, pony skin, rubber mounts (1984.556)
Desk chair (fauteuil de bureau), French, Mahogany, gilt bronze, satin-velvet upholstery (voided, green and red) (07.225.53)
Drawing room of the Craig House, Baltimore, Maryland, ca. 1810, American, Wood, metal, glass (18.101.1–.4)
Easy chair, 1715–30, Boston, Massachusetts, Maple, oak, black tupelo (50.228.1)
Easy chair, 1758, Caleb Gardner (American), American; Newport, Rhode Island, Walnut, maple (50.228.3)
Easy chair, 1790–1800, Philadelphia, Mahogany with white pine (1993.31)
Easy chair, 1810–15, Massachusetts, Mahogany (31.53.3)
"Egg" armchair, 1957, Arne Jacobsen (Danish); Manufacturer: Fritz Hansens Eft. A/S, Ox hide, plastic, aluminum (61.7.46)
Great Hall of Van Rensselaer Manor House, Albany, New York, 1765–69 (28.143)
"How High the Moon" armchair, 1986, Shiro Kuramata (Japanese); Manufacturer: Vitra AG, Basel, Nickel-plated steel mesh (1988.186)
"Java" armchair, ca. 1930, Ilonka Karasz (American, born Hungary), Teak wood (1983.228.5)
Joined armchair, 1650–1700, Essex County, Massachusetts, Oak (1995.98)
Model No. 41 lounge chair, 1931–32, Alvar Aalto (Finnish), Laminated birch (2000.375)
"MR" armchair, 1927, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (American, born Germany, Designer, Tubular steel, painted caning (1980.351)
Parlor from the James Duncan Jr. House, Haverill, Massachusetts, ca. 1805, American, White pine and plaster (12.121)
Parlour Chair: Plate 9 of The Cabinet and Chair-Maker's Real Friend and Companion, 1765, By Robert Manwaring (British); engraved by Robert Pranker (British); published by Henry Webley, London, 1765, British, Etching and engraving (32.9.6)
"Queen Anne" side chair, 1984, Robert Venturi (American); Manufacturer: Knoll International, Inc., Molded plywood and laminated finish (1985.113.1)
Revolving armchair, ca. 1904, Made by Frank Lloyd Wright (American), Steel, wood (1979.130)
Revolving chair, 1840–70, American, Maple, white oak, pine, and birch (66.10.26)
Ritual Seat for a Noble (Osa'osa), 19th century, Ono Niha people, Gomo and Tae River area, Central region, Nias Island, Indonesia, Stone (1988.125.1)
Rocking chair, 1820–50, American, Maple and birch (66.10.23)
Room from the Hewlett House, ca. 1740–60, Woodbury, New York (10.183)
Room from the Powel House, 1765–66; remodeled 1769–71, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (18.87.1-.4)
The Seehof garden furniture, ca. 1763–64, German, Painted and gilded lindenwood (1974.356.114-.121)
"September" armchair, 1973, Shigeru Uchida (Japanese); Manufacturer: Build Co. Ltd., Melamine baked steel pipe, melamine baked stainless steel wire (1988.192)
Set of fourteen side chairs, ca. 1772, Thomas Chippendale (English), Mahogany, covered in modern red morocco leather (1996.426.1–.14)
Settees, 1769, 1770–71, John Mayhew (English) and William Ince (English), Gilded fruitwood, tapestry (58.75.21–22)
Sgabello, ca. 1489–91, Italian (Florence), Walnut, maple, ebony, ebonized wood, and fruitwood, traces of gilding and red paint (30.93.2)
Side chair (chaise) (one of a pair), 1784, Georges Jacob (French), carved by Jules Hugues Rousseau (French) and his brother Jean-Siméon Rousseau (French), Carved and gilded walnut (1977.102.13,14)
Side chair (part of a set), ca. 1899, Edward Colonna (German), for L'Art Nouveau Bing, Paris, French, Palissander wood, damask upholstery (26.228.5)
Side chair, 1690–1720, American; New York City or vicinity, Cherry (1997.68)
Side chair, 1730–90, New England, Walnut, cherry (46.192.2)
Side chair, 1740–60, Philadelphia, Walnut, yellow pine (62.171.21)
Side chair, 1765–75, American, Mahogany, yellow pine (51.140)
Side chair, 1765–75, New York, Mahogany, sweet gum (57.158.1)
Side chair, 1790–1800, Hartford, Connecticut, Mahogany, chestnut, poplar (1982.223)
Side chair, 1794–99, Attributed to Samuel McIntire (American), Made in New England, Salem, Massachusetts, America, Mahogany, ebony, ash, birch, white pine (62.16)
Side chair, 1815–20, Attributed to Duncan Phyfe (Scottish), New York City

Mahogany, ash, tulip poplar (65.188.2)
Side chair, 1840–60, American; Watervliet, New York, and New Lebanon, New York, Maple (66.10.5)
Side chair, 1870, Edward Welby Pugin (British), Stained oak, ebony, and brass (1993.134)
Side chair, 1901–2, Made by Frank Lloyd Wright (American), Oak (1978.189)
Side chair, ca. 1730, Giles Grendey (English), Beech (37.115)
Side chair, ca. 1770, Attributed to Thomas Affleck (British, active in America), American; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mahogany, northern white cedar (1974.325)
Side chair, ca. 1810, Attributed to the Workshop of Duncan Phyfe (American), New York City, Mahogany, gilded brass with yellow poplar, cherry, ash (60.4.4)
Side chair, ca. 1830, Attributed to Duncan Phyfe (Scottish), New York City, Rosewood, ash (68.202.1)
Side chair, ca. 1857, Designer: Alexander J. Davis (American); Manufacturer: Probably Burns and Brother (New York City), Walnut (replacement upholstery) (1995.111)
Side chair, ca. 1870, Attributed to Pottier and Stymus and Company (New York City), Walnut, mahogany, rosewood, cedar (1983.68)
Side chair, ca. 1870, Christopher Dresser (British), Gilt, ebonized, and carved wood (1994.529)
Side chair, ca. 1904, Made by Frank Lloyd Wright (American), Oak (1981.437)
Side chairs, 1765–90, American, Mahogany, maple, white pine (39.88.1,2)
"Siega a dossier basculant" Armchair LC/1 (model B 301), 1929, Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) (French, born Switzerland), Chrome-plated tubular steel, canvas (2003.293)
Slipper chair, 1850–60, John H. Belter (American, born Germany; firm active New York City), Rosewood, ash (51.79.9)
Sofa and armchairs, ca. 1835, Filippo Pelagio Palagi (Italian), Mahogany veneered with maplewood and mahogany, covered with modern silk brocade (1987.62.1, .2, .3)
Spindle-back armchair, 1640–80, Boston or Charlestown, Massachusetts, Ash (51.12.2)
Stacking side chair, designed 1960, manufactured ca. 1973, Verner Panton (Danish), Luran-S plastic (acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile) (1986.425)
Study of the Throne in the House of Lords (Study for Portrait of Queen Victoria), ca. 1838, Thomas Sully (American, born England), Graphite on paper (L.1994.29.5 recto)
"Tube" chair, 1969–70, Joe Colombo (Italian); Manufacturer: Flexform, PVC plastic (polyvinyl chloride), tubular steel, rubber, polyurethane foam, synthetic knit upholstery (1987.98.1a-d)
Turned armchair, 1665–90, New York City or vicinity, Ash (41.111)
"Vertebra" armchair, 1974–76, Emilio Ambasz (Argentinian); Giancarlo Piretti (Italian), Polyurethane and leather (1989.48)
"Wassily" chair, 1925, Marcel Breuer (American, born Hungary), Chrome-plated steel, canvas upholstery (1988.256)
Wire side chair, 1951, Charles Eames (American); Ray Eames (American); manufactured by Herman Miller Furniture Company, Zeeland, Michigan, Metal wire, painted black (1980.509)
Woodwork from the Ballroom at Gadsby's Tavern, 1792–93, Alexandria, Virginia (17.116.1-5)
Woodwork of a Room from the Colden House, 1767, Coldenham, New York (40.127)