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Altarcloth (detail), second half of 14th century, German; From the convent of Altenberg, Linen embroidered with satin, chain, chevron, and Romanian stitches (29.87)
Armorial Plate (Tondino), ca. 1520–25 (or 1519?), Nicola da Urbino (Italian), Majolica (1975.1.1019)
Bard made for Johann Ernst, Duke of Saxony-Coburg, dated 1548, Attributed to Kunz Lochner (German), German (Nuremberg), Steel, brass (32.69)
Basin with a Horseman Spearing a Serpent, 1390–1400, Spanish (Valencia?), Lustered earthenware (41.100.173)
"Blind" shaffron for the joust, ca. 1490, German, Steel, brass, textile (04.3.292)
Bottle (Refredador), first half of 16th century, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-glazed earthenware with luster decoration (94.4.358)
Burse, first quarter of 18th century, English, Silk, metal thread, pearls, and garnets on silk velvet (64.101.1363)
Cantle plate, 1563, German (Augsburg), Steel (21.102.9)
Chess piece (knight), ca. 1350–60, Western European (perhaps English), Ivory (68.95)
Childbirth bowl (scodella) with Aeneas Fleeing Troy (interior) and grotteschi (exterior); and tray (tagliere) with Pyramis and Thisbe (top) and Hercules and the Nemean Lion (bottom), ca. 1530–40, Baldassare Manara (Italian), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1043a,b)
Crossbow of Ulrich V, Count of Württemberg, 1460, German, Wood, iron, ivory, horn, whalebone, tendon (04.3.36)
Cup supported by enchained Turk, ca. 1700, German; Frankfurt am Main, Jade (nephrite), aragonate (alabaster), chalcedony, onyx, diamonds, rubies, garnets, silver-gilt, and gold (1975.1.1508)
Deep Dish (brasero), ca. 1430, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-enamelled earthenware (56.171.162)
Design for a Saddle Plate, ca. 1575–80, Italy (Parma or Milan), Pen and colored washes on paper (1993.234)
Dinner, tea, and coffee service, 1785–90, Chinese for the American market, Hard paste (10.149.1–.248)
Dish with an allegory of Chastity and the arms of Matthias Corvinus and Beatrice of Aragon, 1476–ca. 1490, Probably Pesaro, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (46.85.30)
Dish, 1664–65, Anthony Ficketts (English), Silver gilt (68.141.79)
Double-Barreled Wheellock Pistol of Emperor Charles V, ca. 1540–45, Made by Peter Peck, German (Munich), Steel, etched and gilded; wood, inlaid with engraved staghorn (14.25.1425)
Escutcheon plate from a shaffron, ca. 1530–40, German (probably Augsburg), Steel and gold (1985.259.2)
Ewer with Wild Man Finial, ca. 1500, German; Made in Nuremberg, Silver, silver-gilt, painted and enameled decoration (53.20.2)
"Fire of London" and "Plague" tankard, 1673–74, The Master I.N. (English), Silver (1987.54)
Francesco d'Este (born about 1430, died after 1475), ca. 1460, Rogier van der Weyden (Netherlandish), Oil on wood (32.100.43)
Goblet, 1800–1801, Naphtali Hart (British), Silver, parcel-gilt (29.60.1)
Half-shaffron, ca. 1570–80, Italian (probably Milan), Steel, gold, brass, leather, hemp (14.25.1666)
The Human U.S. Shield, 1918, Arthur Mole and John D. Thomas (American), Gelatin silver print (1987.1100.478)
Hunting sword, ca. 1825, Emanuel Pioté (Austrian); Jacob H. Köchert (Austrian), Steel, gold, enamel, agate, wood, leather (48.26)
Kero with Registers of Pumas, Parrots, and Flowers Separated by Bands of Carved Geometric Designs (Tocapus), 16th–18th century, Peru, Wood with pigmented resin inlay (1994.35.14)
Leather peytral and crupper plates, early 16th century, Possibly Flemish or German, Hardened leather, gesso, pigment (26.235.1–.3)
Left side panel of a crupper, ca. 1480–1500, Probably South German or Austrian, Steel (29.158.606)
Loving cup with cover, 1742–43, Paul Lamerie (English), Silver gilt (25.15.58ab)
Loving cup, 1772, Richard Williams (Irish). Silver, silver gilt (68.141.191)
Madonna and Child, ca. 1485, Filippino Lippi (Italian, Florentine), Tempera, oil, and gold on wood (49.7.10)
Manuscript of the Apocalypse, 1320s, Normandy, Paint, gold, silver, and brown ink on vellum (68.174)
Martin Luther as a Monk, 1520, Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Engraving (20.64.21)
Matilda Stoughton de Jaudenes, 1794, Gilbert Stuart (American), Oil on canvas (07.76)
Mechanical table, ca. 1761–63, Stamped by Jean-François Oeben and Roger Vandercruse Lacroix (French), Oak veneered with mahogany, kingwood, and tulipwood with marquetry of mahogany, rosewood, holly, and various other woods, gilt-bronze mounts (1982.60.61)
Mount, 100–300, Roman; Probably made in Gaul, Copper alloy with champlevé enamel (47.100.6)
Pair of fruit dishes, 1766–67, Thomas Heming (English, Silver gilt (49.7.92,93)
Pair of sauceboats, 1815–20, Anthony Rasch (American, born Germany), Silver (59.152.1-.2)
Paneling and chimneypiece, 17th century (ca. 1600), From a room in a house on the Hall Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, Oak and stone (65.182.1,.2)
Plate (Piatto), 1532, Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo (Italian), Maiolica (1975.1.1131)
"Polonaise" carpet, Safavid period (1501–1722), 17th century, Iran, Isfahan or Kashan, Cotton (warp and weft), silk (weft and pile), metal-wrapped thread; asymmetrically knotted pile, brocaded (50.190.1)
Pommel plate, ca. 1580, French or Flemish, Steel and gold (29.171)
Presentation coin (Doppelguldiner), 1517, Ulrich Ursentaler (Austrian), Dutch (Antwerp); dies cut in Halle, Austria, 1509, Silver (26.261.14)
Rank badge with a pair of cranes, Joseon dynasty, late 19th century, Korea, Silk embroidery on silk satin damask (53.60.9)
Rank badge, Ming dynasty, early 15th century, China, Embroidery: colored silk floss, wrapped gold thread, and flat gold on silk gauze (1988.154.1)
Saddle, ca. 1400–1420, Central Europe, perhaps Bohemia, Staghorn, lindenwood, rawhide, birchbark, paint (40.66)

Saddle, ca. 1570–80, Italian (Milan), Wood, textiles, iron, leather, steel, and gold (04.3.252)
Schiac Appas, Re di Persia (Shah cAbbas, King of Persia), Engraver: Giacomo Franco (Italian, Venetian), From: Effigie naturali dei maggior prencipi et più valorosi capitani di questa età con l'armi loro, raccolte et con dilegentia intagliate da Giacomo Franco, Publisher: Giacomo Franco, Venice, 1596 (57.506)
Secrétaire à abattant, ca. 1815–20, with later additions, Austrian, Walnut, parcel-ebonized and mounted with gilt bronze; leather, glass, brass (1991.470)
Sgabello, ca. 1489–91, Italian (Florence), Walnut, maple, ebony, ebonized wood, and fruitwood, traces of gilding and red paint (30.93.2)
Shaffron and crinet plate, ca. 1555, Kunz Lochner (German), German (Nuremberg), Steel, etched, gilt, and painted; gilt brass (21.42) (14.25.854)
Shaffron in the "Oriental" fashion, ca. 1560–70, Italian (probably Brescia), Steel, brass, leather (14.25.1664)
Shaffron of Henry II of France when Dauphin, ca. 1490–1500, redecorated 1539, Attributed to Romain des Ursins (Milan, rec. Lyon), Franco-Italian, Steel, gold, brass (04.3.253)
Shaffron, ca. 1540, German (probably Landshut), Steel, pewter, leather, textile (14.25.1644)
Side drum, 1694–1733, Signed: Unger, Dresden, Saxony, Copper alloy, wood, various materials (14.25.1618)
Skull Hook (Agiba), 19th–early 20th century, Kerewa people, Pai'ia'a village, western Papuan Gulf, Papua New Guinea, Wood, paint (1978.412.796)
Stained-glass window, ca. 1656, Evert Duyckinck (American), New York City, Painted leaded glass (52.77.46)
Surcoat (jimbaori), Edo period (1615–1868), 17th century, Japan, Silk, felt, metallic thread, lacquered wood (2006.95)
Tankard, ca. 1700, By Johann Berend (Livonian), Silver, partly gilt (32.75.84)
Teakettle on tripod table stand, 1724–25, Simon Pantin I (English, English (London), Silver (68.141.81)
Teapot, 1745–55, Josiah Austin (American), Silver (24.109.7)
Textile fragment with Mamluk emblem, Mamluk period (1250–1517), late 15th–early 16th century, Egypt, Wool, appliqued and embroidered (1972.120.3)
Thomas coat of arms, ca. 1786, Mary Ann Thomas (American), Probably Mrs. Deborah Snow's School, Boston, Massachusetts, Pattern drawn by John and Samuel Gore, Silk and metallic thread on silk (36.28)
Tournament book, late 16th/early 17th century, German (Nuremberg), Pen and colored wash on paper, leather (22.229)
Tournament Shield (Targe), ca. 1450, German, Wood, leather, linen, gesso, polychromy, silver (25.26.1)
Tray, 1806–7, Digby Scott (English), Benjamin Smith (English), partners, Silver-gilt, (1977.436.3)
Tureen and cover with Russian imperial coat of arms, ca. 1735, Austrian; Vienna, Du Paquier period, Hard-paste porcelain (1982.60.330,b)
Two Leaves from a Book of Hours, Representing the Annunciation, 1465, Master of Charles of France, French (Bourges), Tempera and gold leaf on vellum (58.71a,b)
Vanderbilt Mantelpiece, ca. 1881–83, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Marble, mosaic, oak, and cast iron (25.234)
Wine cistern, 1709–10, Lewis Mettayer (English), Silver (68.141.132)