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American Modern dinnerware, 1937, Russel Wright (American), Glazed earthenware (2002.585.17a–j)
Basket, 1731/32, John Edwards II (British), Silver, silver plate (2011.432a, b)
Beakers, ca. 1683 and 1711, Attributed to Jurian Blanck Jr. (American); Benjamin Wynkoop (American), New York City, Silver (33.120.621–.622)
Bell salt, 1600–1601, Master T.S. (English), Silver gilt (68.141.92a-d)
Bowl with a putto holding a pinwheel, ca. 1530, Workshop of Maestro Giorgio Andreoli (Italian, Gubbio), Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1107)
Cameo fragment, 1st century B.C.–mid-1st century A.D.; Early Imperial, Augustan or Julio-Claudian, Roman, Glass; cast in two layers or blown and cased, then carved (11.91.5a)
Candlestick, 16th century, Europe, possibly Venice, Brass engraved and inlaid with silver (17.190.637)
Centerpiece, ca. 1770–80, Italian; Cozzi factory, Hard-paste porcelain (1977.216.37)
Ceremonial Knife (tumi), 9th–11th century, Peru, Sicán (Lambayeque), Gold, silver, turquoise (1974.271.60)
Child's porridge bowl and spoon, 1897–98, Mark of Roberts and Belk (British), Silver, partly gilt (1991.296.1,.2)
Chocolate pot, 1700–1710, Edward Winslow (American), Made in New England, Boston, Massachusetts, Silver (33.120.221)
Coffee and tea service (déjeuner chinois reticulé), 1855–61, Sévres Manufactory (French); Designed by Hyacinthe Réginer (French), Hard-paste porcelain (69.193.1–11)
Coffee and tea service, ca. 1900, Maurice Dufrène (French), Porcelain (2001.551.1a,b–10a,b)
Coffee service, 1900–1904, Designer: Léon Kann (French; active at Sèvres), Hard-paste porcelain (1988.287.1a,b)
Coffeepot, 1756–57, Marked by François-Thomas Germain (French), French; Paris, Silver, wood (33.165.1)
Coffeepot, ca. 1725–35, Charles Le Roux (American), Silver (1997.498.1)

Salver, ca. 1725–35, Charles Le Roux (American), Silver (1997.498.2)
Creampot, 1763, Benjamin Burt (American), Silver (33.120.295)
Cup Stand with Eight Buddhist Treasures, Yuan dynasty, 14th century, China, Silver (2007.187)
Cup, 1916, Arthur John Stone (American, born England), Gardner, Massachusetts, Silver (1990.49)
Deep Dish (brasero), ca. 1430, Spanish (Valencia), Tin-enamelled earthenware (56.171.162)
Dinner, tea, and coffee service, 1785–90, Chinese for the American market, Hard paste (10.149.1–.248)
Dipper, 3rd–5th century, Peru; Moche, Ceramic (64.228.15)
Dish depicting two birds among flowering plants, Ottoman period (ca. 1299–1923), ca. 1575–90, Turkey, Iznik, Stonepaste; polychrome painted under transparent glaze (59.69.1)
Dish with a handle (tebachi) in the shape of a double fan, Momoyama period, late 16th–early 17th century, Japanese, Stoneware with overglaze enamels (Mino ware, Oribe type) (1975.268.443)
Dish with Design of Three Jars, Edo period, 1680–90s, Japanese, Porcelain with underglaze blue and overglaze enamels (Hizen ware, Nabeshima type) (1975.268.563)
Dish with figure, Edo period, ca. 1620, Japan, Porcelain with underglaze blue (Hizen ware, early Imari type) (1975.268.495)
Dish with "kaleidoscope" design, Ottoman period (ca. 1299–1923), ca. 1580–85, Turkey, Iznik, Stonepaste; polychrome painted under transparent glaze (1991.172)
Dish with two intertwined dragons, Safavid period (1501–1722), ca. 1640, Iran, Kirman, Stonepaste, painted in blue under transparent glaze (65.109.2)
Double-Tiered Vessel (Mukeke), first half of 20th century, Zambia; Lozi peoples, Wood (1978.412.344a–d)
Drinking cup, 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D.; Late Hellenistic or Republican, Roman, Silver (1991.11.6.1)
Drinking cup, 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D.; Late Hellenistic or Republican, Roman, Silver (1991.11.6.2)
Entrée dish and cover, ca. 1837, Bailey & Kitchen Company (American), Silver (2003.382a-c)
Ewer and basin, 1610–11, Symon Owen (English), Silver gilt (68.141.135,136)
Ewer and plateau, 1901, Gorham Manufacturing Company (American, Silver (1974.214.26a,b)
Ewer, ca. 1825, Thomas Fletcher (American), Philadelphia, Silver (2007.25)
Feeding Bowl, 1690, Hungarian, Transylvania, Silver-gilt (2010.110.40)
Fire dogs (andirons), 1697–98, Benjamin Pyne (English), Silver, iron (68.141.155ab)
Fork and spoon, 1683–84, French; Paris, Gilt silver (48.187.214,.215)
Handle attachment in the form of a mask, 1st century B.C–1st century A.D., Late Hellenistic or Early Imperial, Greek or Roman, Bronze (1972.118.98)
Hot-water urn, 1791, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Maker, Made in Boston, Silver, ivory (1990.226 a-d)
Ivory Spoon, 16th century, Sierra Leone; Sapi-Portuguese, Ivory (1979.206.116)
Jug, 1775–76, Matthew Boulton (British) and John Fothergill (English), Silver (1993.73)

Tripod stand, 1775–76, Matthew Boulton (English) and John Fothergill (English), Silver (66.192.5a–c)
The Kitchen Maid, ca. 1780, Charles François Adrien Macret (French), after Gerrit Dou (Dutch), Engraving (17.3.1771)
Ladle with dragon handle, Three Kingdoms period, 3rd century, China, Gilt bronze (1994.605.90)
Ladle, 20th century (before 1960), Zlan of Belewale, Dan peoples; Liberia or Côte d'Ivoire, Wood, pigment (1979.206.254)
Lidded Saltcellar, 15th–16th century, Sierra Leone; Sapi-Portuguese, Ivory (1991.435a,b)
Modiolus (one-handled drinking cup), 1st century A.D.; Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian or Flavian
Roman, Glass; free-blown (29.100.71)
Mosaic ribbed bowl, 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D.; Early Imperial, Augustan or Julio-Claudian, Roman, Glass; cast and tooled (17.194.561)
Mug, 1700–1725, Koenraet Ten Eyck (American), Albany, New York, Silver (27.85.9)
Newdigate Candelabrum: From Vasi, Candelabri, Cippi, Sarcofagi …, 1778, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian), Etching (
Pair of beakers, ca. 1719, Moody Russell (American), Barnstable, Massachusetts, Silver (28.131.1,.2)
Pair of candelabra, 1767–68, Marked by Robert-Joseph Auguste (French), French; Paris, Silver (48.187.389ab,.390ab)
Pair of candelabra, ca. 1810–15, Pierre-Philippe Thomire (French), Bronze-gilt (26.256.2,.3)
Pair of candelabra, ca. 1840, Antoine-Louis Barye (French), Bronze (10.108.1a,b)
Pair of candlesticks, 1690–92, French; Paris, Silver (48.187.249,.250)
Pair of canns, 1783, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (58.3.5-.6)
Pair of sauceboats, 1815–20, Anthony Rasch (American, born Germany), Silver (59.152.1-.2)
Pair of sauceboats, ca. 1765, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (46.40.1-.2)
Pair of tea caddies, 1790–91, John Scofield (English), Silver (66.158.8ab)

Spoon for a tea caddy set, 1787–88, Samuel Godbehere (English) and Edward Wigan (English), Silver (66.158.8c)
Partial dinner service, ca. 1800–1815, Attributed to Dihl et Guérhard, Paris, Porcelain (1994.480.1a,b–.16)
Partial table service, 1818, Pellatt & Green, London, Blown cut glass (2008.594.1a,b–.54a,b)
Pickle stand, 1770–72, Made by Bonnin and Morris (Philadelphia), American, Porcelain (1990.19)
Pitcher, ca. 1899, Edward Colonna (German), Stoneware, grès flammé, with silver mounts (26.228.7)
Plate with design of ladies with parasol, Edo period, ca. 1736, Japan, Design attributed to Cornelis Pronk (Dutch, 1691–1759)
Porcelain with underglaze blue decoration (Arita ware) (2002.447.123)
Plate, ca. 520–510 B.C.; red-figure, Greek, Attic, Signed by Epiktetos as painter, Terracotta (1981.11.10)
Plate, probably mid-19th century, Kaslinski Ironworks (Russian), Cast iron (2000.423)
Plateau, ca. 1825, John W. Forbes (American), Silver, glass, walnut (1993.167)
Punch bowl, 1901, Gorham Manufacturing Company, Providence, Rhode Island, Silver (1974.214.27)
Punch bowl, ca. 1750, Adrian Bancker (American), New York City, Silver (48.15)
Punch bowl, ca. 1751, New York City, Silver (50.161)
Rectangular tray with Daoist Immortals, Ming dynasty, 16th century, China, Black lacquer with mother-of-pearl inlay; basketry sides (2006.238)
Room from the Hewlett House, ca. 1740–60, Woodbury, New York (10.183)
Room from the Powel House, 1765–66; remodeled 1769–71, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (18.87.1-.4)
Saltcellar, mid-13th century, French; Made in Paris, Gold, rock crystal, emeralds, pearls, spinel or balas rubies (1983.434)
Service plate for the 20th Century Limited train, 1938, Henry Dreyfuss (American), Glazed pottery (2002.585.2)
Set of four beakers, 1795, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (58.3.1-.4)
Simpulum (ladle), 2nd century A.D.; Mid-Imperial, Roman, Bronze (1988.11.1)
Spoon holder, ca. 1878–81, Christopher Dresser (British), Silver-plated brass, ebony (1988.164)
Spoon, 1670–90, Jurian Blanck, Jr. (American), Silver (1989.193)
Spoon, 1770–80, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (38.98)
Spoon, 3rd century A.D.; Imperial, Roman, Silver (19.192.64)
Spoon, Julio-Claudian, first half of 1st century A.D., Roman, Rock crystal and silver (2000.1)
Standing Salt, 1584–85, Made by the anonymous goldsmith "IG", English (London), Silver (52.134a–e)
Sugar bowl, 1760–75, John Bayly (American), Silver (39.23a,b)
Sugar bowl, 1790–1800, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.546a,b)

Creamer, 1790–1800, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.547)
Tankard, 1700–1710, Gerrit Onckelbag (American), Silver (33.120.517)
Tankard, 1705–25, Simeon Soumaine (American), New York City, Silver (27.85.1)
Tankard, ca. 1715, John Coney (American), Boston, Silver (33.120.503)
Tankard, ca. 1795, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.507)
Taperstick, ca. 1700–1710, Chinese (probably for the Dutch market), Hard paste (1970.266.3)
Tea and coffee service, 1850, John Chandler Moore (American), maker of service; James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield, England (British), maker of tray; Ball, Tompkins & Black (American), retailer, Silver (69.141.1-4)
Tea and coffee service, ca. 1800, Attributed to Christian Wiltberger (American), Silver (1980.503.1-4)
Tea caddy, 1725–40, Simeon Soumaine (American), Silver (64.249.5a,b)
Tea chest, ca. 1750–55, Abraham Roentgen (German, 1711–1793), Oak, cedar, veneered with rosewood; brass, iron, and steel (1999.147)
Tea infuser and strainer, ca. 1924, Marianne Brandt (German), Silver and ebony (2000.63a–c)
Tea tray and urn, 1799, John McMullin (American), Philadelphia, Silver, ivory (2009.420.1,2)
Teakettle on tripod table stand, 1724–25, Simon Pantin I (English, English (London), Silver (68.141.81)
Teakettle, 1710–20, Cornelius Kierstede (American), Silver (40.145a,b)
Teapot, 1699–1700, French; Paris, Silver, wood (48.187.78)
Teapot, 1700–1715, Jacob Boelen (American), Silver (61.246a,b)
Teapot, 1720–27, Italian; Vezzi factory, Hard-paste porcelain (06.362ab)
Teapot, 1733, Kenneth McKenzie (Scottish), Silver, wood (68.141.88)

Hot milk jug, 1727–28, James Ker (Scottish), Silver (1983.224)

Sugar bowl, 1727–28, James Tait (Scottish), Silver (1983.133ab)
Teapot, 1745–55, Josiah Austin (American), Silver (24.109.7)
Teapot, 1796, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.543)
Teapot, ca. 1725, German; Meissen, Hard-paste porcelain (1974.356.488)
Teapot, ca. 1782, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (69.147)
Tivoli Hoard, mid-1st century B.C.; Late Republican, Roman; Italy, said to have been found at Tivoli or Boscoreale, Silver (20.49.2–.12)
Toast or letter rack, 1881, Christopher Dresser (British), Silver plate (1985.311)
Traveling tea set, ca. 1879, Christopher Dresser (British); Hukin & Heath (Birmingham), Gilt and silver-plated white metal, split bamboo, leather-covered wood with velvet and glazed cotton linings (2000.594.1a,b–.8)
Tray with Two Flycatchers and Hollyhocks, 14th century, China, Yuan dynasty, Carved red lacquer (2011.120.1)
Tray, ca. 1879–80, Tiffany & Company (American), Silver, copper, gold, alloys (66.52.2)
Tureen and ladle, ca. 1880, Christopher Dresser (British); Hukin & Heath (British), Electroplate (silver on yellow metal), ivory (L.2004.64.1a–c)
Tureen, 1794–1814, Maker: Martin-Guillaume Biennais (French); Designer: Charles Percier (French); Designer: Pierre François Léonard Fontaine (French), Silver gilt (34.17.1a-c)
Two-handled bowl, 1700–1710, Cornelius Kierstede (American), Made in Mid-Atlantic, New York, Silver (38.63)
The Viking Punchbowl, ca. 1893, Paulding Farnham (American), designer; Tiffany & Company (American), manufacturer and retailer, Iron, silver, gold, wood (69.4)
"Waterloo" ashtray/candleholder, 1997, Ali Tayar (American, born Turkey), Tumble-finished, anodized, and cast aluminum (1998.454)
Wine cooler, 1753, French; Vincennes, Soft-paste porcelain (1970.230.4)
Wine cup, ca. 1660, John Hull (American); Robert Sanderson Sr. (American), Boston, Silver (L.2008.22)
Wine cup, ca. 1740, Samuel Edwards (American), Boston, Silver (33.120.230a)
Wine cup, Tang dynasty, 8th–9th century, China, Silver with parcel gilding (1991.159)
Wine Dipper, 200–300, Roman; Made in Gaul, found in Leyris, southern France, Silver (47.100.29)
A Woman Cooking, ca. 1648–50, Geertruyt Roghman (Dutch), Engraving (56.550.4)
A Young Woman Chopping Onions, 1724, Louis Surugue (French), after Gerrit Dou (Dutch), Engraving (24.63.1656)