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Byzantine Period in the Early Islamic Period

Islamic Art, Early Period, Byzantine Period

Works of Art (11)

Funerary Stela with Architectural Frame, 500–700, Byzantine; Probably from Armant, Egypt, Limestone with red, green, and black paint (36.2.6)
Lamp with Jewish Symbols, made 350–450, Byzantine, Terracotta (91.1.1621)
Nushirvan Receives Mihras, Envoy of Caesar: Folio from the Shahnama (Book of Kings), Ilkhanid period (1206–1353), ca. 1300–1330, Iran or Iraq, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper (34.24.3)
Panel with Cross and Griffins, 500–700, Byzantine; Made in Egypt, Wood (28.12)
Panel with the Triumph of Dionysos, Early Byzantine, 4th century, Egypt; said to be from Panopolis (Akhmim), Undyed linen and purple wool; tapestry woven (90.5.873)
Roundel, fragment, 7th century, Byzantine; Egypt (?), Polychrome wool and undyed linen, tapestry weave (63.178.2)
Tapestry Square with the Head of Spring, 4th–5th century; Early Byzantine, Egyptian, Polychrome wool, linen (90.5.848)
Textile Fragment, 5th century, Byzantine; Made in Egypt, Polychrome wool and undyed linen, tapestry, weave (90.5.807)
Textile fragment, Coptic period (3rd–12th century), probably 6th–7th century, Egypt, Silk, linen; plain weave, embroidered (90.5.16)
Vase, Coptic period (3rd–12th century), 8th century, Egypt, Ceramic, painted, unglazed (23.2.74)
Woman Wearing a Tunic, 4th–5th century; Early Byzantine, Egyptian; Probably Eshmunein, Painted plaster (12.185.4)