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Silver from Central and North Asia

Metalwork, Silver, Central and North Asia

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Horse plaque, 4th–3rd century B.C., Northwest China or Inner Mongolia, Silver with mercury gilding (1985.214.78)
Pair of belt buckles, Xianbei culture, ca. 1st century A.D., North China, Silver plate and gilt (24.174.6,7)
Pectoral ornament, late 19th–early 20th century, China (Khotan); Turkoman, Silver with silver filigree, cabochon, and table-cut turquoise (2005.443.7)
Shaft-hole axhead with a bird-headed demon, boar, and dragon, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium B.C., Central Asia (Bactria-Margiana), Silver, gold foil (1982.5)
Stem cup, 6th–8th century, Central Asia, possibly Sogdian, Silver (1998.223)