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Box mirror with the head of Pan, late 4th century B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek, Bronze (25.78.44a-d)
Cheval glass (psyche), ca. 1810–14, François-Honoré-Georges Jacob-Desmalter (French), Amboyna on oak with gilt-bronze mounts (24.230)
Denise at Her Dressing Table, ca. 1908–9, Mary Cassatt (American), Oil on canvas (2005.129)
Dressing table, ca. 1925, Armand-Albert Rateau (French), Bronze, basalt, mirror glass (25.169)
Flight of the Dolphin, 2010, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaiain (Iran, born 1924), Mirror mosaic, reverse-glass painting, glue and plaster on wood (2010.395)
Frontispiece for an album of the Société des Aquafortistes, 1865, Félix Bracquemond (French), Etching; second and final state (63.625.11)
Girandole, 1817, New York City and Albany, New York, Gilded, gesso, mirror glass with white pine (1974.363.1)
Jo, La Belle Irlandaise, 1865–66, Gustave Courbet (French), Oil on canvas (29.100.63)
Lacquer comb and mirror case, 1878, Signed and dated: Fath Allah Shirazi, 1295 A.H., Iran, Papier-mâché, painted, varnished, and gilded (1979.460.2ab)
The Little Round Mirror, 1901, printed 1905, Edward J. Steichen (American, born Luxembourg), Gum bichromate over platinum print (33.43.32)
Looking glass, 1800–1820, New York City, Gilt gesso, pine, wire, églomisé tablet (50.145.358)
Looking glass, ca. 1775, American, Pine (1990.18)
The Marriage Feast at Cana, ca. 1498–1500, Juan de Flandes (Netherlandish), Oil on panel (1982.60.20)
Mirror Back (?), 7th–10th century, Mexico, Veracruz, Slate (00.5.991)
Mirror Back with Falconing Party, 1350–1375, French; Possibly made in Paris, Elephant ivory (41.100.160)
Mirror back, Tang dynasty, 8th century, China, Silver (1985.214.22)
Mirror Frame, ca. 1568, Wenzel Jamnitzer (German), Silver gilt, ebony, and mirror plate (17.190.620)
Mirror of Reniseneb, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12–13, ca. 1810–1700 B.C., Egyptian; from Upper Egypt, Thebes, el-Asasif, pit tomb CC 25, burial of Reniseneb, on chest of mummy, Carnarvon/Carter excavations, 1910, Unalloyed copper, gold, ebony (26.7.1351)
Mirror support in the form of a nude girl, ca. 540–530 B.C., Greek, Laconian, Bronze (74.51.5680)
Mirror with a support in the form of a draped woman, ca. 460–450 B.C.; Classical, Greek, Argive, Bronze (1972.118.78)
Mirror with a Support in the Form of a Draped Woman, mid-5th century B.C., Greek, Classical, Bronze(2011.582)
Mirror with a support in the form of a nude girl, second half of 6th century B.C., Laconian; Said to be from southern Italy, Bronze (38.11.3)
Mirror with decoration of figures in a landscape, Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), Korea, Bronze (25.219.4)
Mirror with Jael and Barak, 1672, English, Satin worked with silk and metal thread, beads, purl, mica, seed pearls; detached buttonhole variations, couching, satin, long-and-short, tent, and straight stitches; wood frame, celluloid imitation tortoiseshell, mirror glass, silk, plush (39.13.2a)
Mirror with split-leaf palmette design inlaid with gold, Ottoman period (ca. 1299–1923), early 16th century, Turkey, probably Bursa or Istanbul, Iron, inlaid with gold, ivory (1972.24)
Mirror, 12th century, Iran, Cast bronze (42.136)
Mirror, 1769, John Mayhew (English) and William Ince (English), Pine, gilt, mirror glass (58.75.131)
Mirror, ca. 1710, Johann Valentin Gevers (German), silversmith; Johann Andreas Thelot (German), silversmith, Germany (Augsburg), Oak and pine veneered with tortoiseshell, silver, gilt silver, and green-stained ivory; mirror glass (1989.20)
Mirror, ca. 350 B.C.; Late Classical, Etruscan, Bronze (09.221.16)
Mirror, third quarter of 17th century, English, Satin worked with silk, chenille, purl, shells, wood, beads, mica, bird feathers, coral; detached buttonhole variations, long-and-short, satin, couching stitches, and knots (64.101.1332)
Miscellaneous Studies, one leaf dated 1619, Chen Hongshou (Chinese), Album of twelve paintings, ink on paper (2005.112a-l)
Monstrance Clock or Mirror Clock, ca. 1570, Made in Nuremberg, Germany, Case of gilt bronze; dial of gilt brass; movement of steel (17.190.639)
Nine Polaroid Portraits of a Mirror, 1967, William Anastasi (American), Black-and-white instant prints and mirror (1994.316.1–.9)
Plateau, ca. 1825, John W. Forbes (American), Silver, glass, walnut (1993.167)
Razor and mirror, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, early co-reign of Thutmose III and Hatshepsut, ca. 1479–1473 B.C., Egyptian; From the tomb of Hatnofer and Ramose, western Thebes, Bronze and wood (36.3.69,.13)
Restello mirror frame, early 16th century, Venice, Poplar (1975.1.2104)
Tabernacle frame, ca. 1510, Florence, Walnut and poplar (1975.1.1638)
Tabernacle mirror frame with sliding covers, mid-16th century, Italy; Florence, Walnut (1975.1.2090)
Tondo mirror frame, ca. 1480, Tuscany (Siena?), Stucco, blown convex mirror (1975.1.2158)
Washstand, 1904, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Scottish), Designer, Oak, ceramic tile, colored and mirror glass, and lead (1994.120)
Wisteria Dining Room, 1910–14, Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French); made by Édouard-Louis Collet (Swiss), Walnut and amaranth veneer, marble; brass, copper, mirror glass (66.244.1–.2a–e,.9ab,.10ab)
Woman before a Mirror, 1897, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French), Oil on cardboard (2003.20.15)