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Nasca Art of the Americas

Art of the Americas, Andes, Nasca

Works of Art (9)

Bowl, 2nd–4th century, Peru, Nasca, Ceramic (1978.412.63)
Double-Spout Bottle, 1st–6th century, Peru, Nasca, Ceramic (1978.412.91)
Double-spout bottle, 2nd–4th century, Peru; Nazca, Ceramic (1996.174)
Drum (Effigy), 1st century A.D., Peru; Nasca, Ceramic (1978.412.111)
Figure bottle, 1st–2nd century, Peru; Nazca, Ceramic (1978.412.53)
Mantle border fragment, 1st–2nd century, Peru; Nazca, Cotton, camelid hair (1994.35.120)
Pair of Spouted Bottles, 2nd–4th century, Peru, Nasca, Ceramic (1992.60.6,.7)
Tunic, 7th–9th century, Peru; Nazca-Wari, Camelid hair (29.146.23)
Two bird ornaments, 1st–2nd century, Peru; Nazca, Gold (1979.206.511,.512)