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Andrew Jackson, 1834–35; this carving, 1839, Hiram Powers (American), Marble (94.14)
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794) and His Wife (Marie-Anne-Pierrette Paulze, 1758–1836), 1788, Jacques-Louis David (French), Oil on canvas (1977.10)
Apollo and the Muses on Parnassus, 1784, Raphael Morghen (Italian, Neapolitan), after Anton Raphael Mengs (German), Engraving and etching (28.22.36)
Armchair (bergère en cabriolet) (one of a pair), ca. 1760–70, Stamped by Claude-Louis Burgat (French), Carved and gilded beechwood (1982.60.89)
The Babes in the Wood, ca. 1850; this carving, 1851, Thomas Crawford (American), Marble (94.9.4)
Boiserie from the Hôtel de Cabris, ca. 1775–78, and later, French (Paris); Made in Paris, France, Oak and plaster, painted and gilded; bronze-gilt, mirror glass, oak flooring, etc.; (1972.276.1)wo
Bowl, 1787, French; Sèvres, Hard-paste porcelain (1997.518)
California, 1850–55; this carving, 1858, Hiram Powers (American), Marble (72.3)
Caryatid, 1912; this cast, 1913, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (American), Bronze (22.81)
Cleopatra, 1858; this carving, 1869, William Wetmore Story (American), Marble (88.5a-d)
Clytie, 1869–70; this carving, 1872, William Henry Rinehart (American), Marble (11.68.1)
Commode (commode à vantaux), ca. 1790, Stamped by Adam Weisweiler (French), Oak veneered with Japanese lacquer and European japanning, ebony, gilt-bronze mounts, violet brocatelle marble top (1977.1.12)
Daniel Strobel, Jr., ca. 1799, John Vanderlyn (American), Probably Conte crayon, black chalk, and white gouache on off-white wove paper (17.134.1)
Daphne, 1853; this carving, 1854, Harriet Goodhue Hosmer (American), Marble (1973.133)
The Death of Socrates, 1787, Jacques-Louis David (French), Oil on canvas (31.45)
Drop-leaf Pembroke table, 1790–1800, John Townsend (American), Newport, Rhode Island, Mahogany, satinwood, chestnut (1980.293)
Egyptian Fireplace: From the Diverse maniere …, 1769, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian), Etching (1973.509.8)

Painted Decoration of the Caffé Inglese, Rome: From the Diverse maniere …, 1769, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian), Etching (
Ewer, 1784–85, Marked by Jean-Baptiste-François Chéret (French), Paris, Silver (1980.79)
Fragment from the Eleusinian Relief, ca. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.; Augustan, Fragments of a Roman copy set in a plaster cast of the original Greek relief of ca. 350–325 B.C., Marble (14.130.9)
Genius of Mirth, 1842; this version, 1843, Thomas Crawford (American), Marble (97.13.1)
Goblet, 1800–1801, Naphtali Hart (British), Silver, parcel-gilt (29.60.1)
The Harbor of Copenhagen Seen from the Esplanade, between Langelinie and Toldboden, 1809, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (Danish), Graphite, brush and gray ink, gray washes (2007.256)
Head of Victory, 1897–1903; this cast, 1907, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American), Bronze (07.90)
Hot-water urn, 1791, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Maker, Made in Boston, Silver, ivory (1990.226 a-d)
Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717–1768), ca. 1777, Anton Raphael Mengs (German), Oil on canvas (48.141)
Jug, 1775–76, Matthew Boulton (English) and John Fothergill (English), Silver (1993.73)

Tripod stand, 1775–76, Matthew Boulton (English) and John Fothergill (English), Silver (66.192.5a–c)
"La Marchande d'Amours," ca. 1817, Designed by Louis-Hippolyte Lebas (French); Manufactured by Oberkampf, Jouy, France, Cotton (26.238.9a-f)
The Lictors Bringing Brutus the Bodies of His Sons, 1787, Jacques-Louis David (French), Black chalk, pen and black and brown ink, brush and gray and brown wash, heightened with white gouache (2006.264)
Longcase Regulator with Equation Work and Calendar (Régulateur à equation), ca. 1768–70, Movement by Ferdinand Berthoud (French); Case by Balthazar Lieutaud (French), Case: oak veneered with ebony, with gilt-bronze mounts and glass panel; Dial: white enamel with black numerals; Movement: brass and steel (1982.60.50)
Lyre-guitar, early 19th century (ca. 1805), Pons fils (probably a son of César Pons), Paris, France,Mahogany and spruce (1998.121)
Madame Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Princesse de Bénévent (née Catherine Noële Worlée, later Madame George Francis Grand, 1762–1835), ca. 1808, François Gérard, called Baron Gérard (French), Oil on canvas (2002.31)
Mechanical game table, ca. 1780–83, David Roentgen (German), Germany; Neuwied, Partially stained oak, mahogany, maple, and fruitwood, felt, partially tooled and gilded leather, iron and steel fittings, brass (2007.42.1,2)
Men's ensemble, ca. 1790, French, Three-piece men's suit composed of tailcoat, waistcoat, and breeches of green silk velvet with green and yellow silk brocade and ivory silk twill and ivory linen lining (2003.45a–c)
Mrs. Daniel Strobel, Jr. (Anna Church Strobel) and Her Son George, ca. 1799, John Vanderlyn (American), Probably Conte crayon on off-white laid wove paper (17.134.3)
Pair of candelabra, 1767–68, Marked by Robert-Joseph Auguste (French), French; Paris, Silver (48.187.389ab,.390ab)
Pair of five-light candelabra, 1774, Luigi Valadier (Italian), Rome, Italy, Porphyry and gilt bronze (1994.14.1,.2)
Pair of flintlock pistols, 1800–1801, Samuel Brunn (English); Michael Barnett (English), Steel, wood, silver, gold (1992.330.1-.2)
Pair of vases, ca. 1784–95, Spanish; Buen Retiro, Soft-paste porcelain (42.30.17ab,.18ab)
Pair of wine coolers, 1766, Zacharias Deichman the Elder, Russian; Saint Petersburg, Silver (1981.367.1,.2)
Pair of wine coolers, marked 1781, Ignaz Josef Würth (Austrian), Austria (Vienna), Silver (2002.265.1a,b,.2a)
Plaster model for Cupid and Psyche, 18th century (1794), Antonio Canova (Italian), Rome, Italy, Plaster (05.46)
Plateau, 1790–95, Benjamin Halsted (American), New York, Silver, copper, glass (2007.471.1)
Pleasure, ca. 1754, Anton Raphael Mengs (German), Pastel on paper, laid down on canvas (2005.231)
Portrait head of the Emperor Augustus, ca. 14–37; Julio-Claudian, Roman, Marble (07.286.115)
Relief of a dancing maenad, ca. 27 B.C.–14 A.D.; Augustan, Roman copy of a Greek relief attributed to Kallimachos, ca. 425–400 B.C., Pentelic marble (35.11.3)
Sailing Vessels at Wilders Plads, Copenhagen, 1830, Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (Danish), Pen and gray ink with brown wash (2003.180)
Self-Study Book of Drawing, Painting, and Embroidery for Ladies, 1798, Designed by Johann Friedrich Netto, Published by Voss und Compagnie, Leipzig, Etching, silk and metal thread embroidery on silk, on one page (32.121.3)
Set of fourteen side chairs, ca. 1772, Thomas Chippendale (English), Mahogany, covered in modern red morocco leather (1996.426.1–.14)
The Sortie Made by the Garrison of Gibraltar, 1789, John Trumbull (American), Oil on canvas (1976.332)
Statue of a wounded Amazon, 1st–2nd century A.D., Roman copy of a Greek bronze original, ca. 450–425 B.C., Marble (32.11.4)
Sugar bowl, 1790–1800, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.546a,b)

Creamer, 1790–1800, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.547)
Tea and coffee service, ca. 1800, Attributed to Christian Wiltberger (American), Silver (1980.503.1-4)
Teapot, 1796, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (33.120.543)
Teapot, ca. 1782, Paul Revere, Jr. (American), Silver (69.147)
Temple Types: In Antis and Prostyle, ca. 1530–50, Attributed to the Sangallo family, Florence, Pen and brown ink (2008.105.2)
Themis (goddess of custom and law), second half of 4th century B.C., Greek, Marble (03.12.17)
Tureen with stand from the Orloff Service, 1770–71, Jacques-Nicolas Roettiers (Flemish), French; Paris, Silver (33.165.2a-c)
Ulysses at the Table of Circe: Plate 16 of The Odyssey of Homer Engraved from the Compositions of John Flaxman R.A., 1805, John Flaxman (British), Printmaker: James Parker (British), London, England, Etching (1977.595.53)
Upright secretary (secrétaire à abattant), ca. 1786–87, Maker: Guillaume Beneman (French) (1971.206.17)
Victory, 1903; this cast, 1908, Evelyn Beatrice Longman (American), Bronze (12.143)

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