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Papier mâché

Papier mâché

Works of Art (5)

Étagère, mid-19th century, English, Black lacquered, painted, and gilded wood and papier-mâché, mother-of-pearl (1999.50.2)
Lacquer comb and mirror case, 1878, Signed and dated: Fath Allah Shirazi, 1295 A.H., Iran, Papier-mâché, painted, varnished, and gilded (1979.460.2ab)
Pen box, A. H. 1156 / 1743–44 A.D., cAli Ashraf (Iranian), Papier-mâché, painted, sprinkled with mica, and lacquered (2008.246a,b)
Pen box, early 19th century, Iran, Painted and varnished papier-mâché (2006.523)
Pen box, late 17th–early 18th century, India, possibly Deccan or Kashmir, Lacquered papier-mâché with gold leaf (2002.416a,b)

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