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Textile of Portrait

Portrait, Textile

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Portrait of Bi Shichang, from the set Five Old Men of Suiyang, before 1056, Unidentified Artist, China, Album leaf; ink and color on silk (17.170.1)
Portrait of Charles I, ca. 1650–70, English, Silk satin worked with silk and metal thread; split, straight, and satin stitches (39.13.7)
Portrait of Jnanatapa surrounded by lamas and mahasiddhas, ca. 1350, Tibet, Riwoche Monastery, Distemper on cloth (1987.144)
Portrait of Joseph-Marie Jacquard, 1839, Manufactured by Didier, Petit et Cie; Woven by Michel-Marie Carquillat (French), Lyon, France, Silk (31.124)
Tapestry: Portrait of Napoleon I, 1808–11, After a painting by Baron François-Pascal-Simon Gérard (French); Gobelins Royal Manufactory; Workshop of Michel Henri Cozette (French), High-warp tapestry of wool, silk, and silver-gilt thread (43.99)
Yamantaka Mandala with imperial portraits, Yuan dynasty, 1330–1332, China, Silk tapestry (kesi) (1992.54)