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Religious Art, Judaism

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Bowl Fragments with Menorah, Shofar, and Torah Ark, 4th century, Roman or Byzantine, Glass, gold leaf (18.145.1 ab)
Double Cup, ca. 1300–1350, Germany or Bohemia, Silver and gilt-silver with applied opaque enamel (1983.125a,b)
Entrance Hall of the Regensburg Synagogue, 1519, Albrecht Altdorfer (German), Depicted: Regensburg, Germany, Etching (26.72.68)
Hexagonal Bottle, 500–629, Byzantine; Possibly from Syria, Glass, mold-blown (1972.118.180)
Jewish betrothal ring, ca. 17th–19th century, Venice or Eastern Europe, Gold, enamel (17.190.996)
Lamp with Jewish Symbols, made 350–450, Byzantine, Terracotta (91.1.1621)
Liber chronicarum (Nuremberg Chronicle), 1493, Author: Hartmann Schedel, Illustrators: Michel Wolgemuth (German) and Wilhelm Pleydenwurff (German), Printed book with woodcut illustrations (21.36.145)
Manuscript Leaf from a Choir Book, second half of 15th century, Mariano del Buono (Italian, Florentine(?)), Parchment, tempera, ink, gold leaf (96.32.15)
The Mishneh Torah, North Italian, ca. 1457 Written by Moses Maimonides (1135–1204), Painted by the Master of the Barbo Missal (Italian, active mid-1400s), Tempera and gold leaf on parchment (2013.495)
Nude goddess figurine, [late 8th–7th century B.C.?], Excavated at Tell el-Duweir (ancient Lachish), southern Levant, Ceramic (34.126.53)
Saada, the Wife of Abraham Benchimol, and Préciada, One of Their Daughters, 1832, Eugène Delacroix (French), Watercolor over graphite (1972.118.210)
Tehilim, 1978–81, Jacob El Hanani (Israeli, born Morocco), Ink on canvas (1983.199)