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Academy of Baccio Bandinelli, 1550, Enea Vico (Italian), Engraving (17.50.16–35)
An Academy by Lamplight, 1772, William Pether (British) after Joseph Wright (British), Mezzotint (53.600.566)
Arhat (luohan), Liao dynasty, ca. 1000, Hebei Province, China, Earthenware with three-color (sancai) glaze (21.76)
Bamboo in Wind, Ming dynasty, ca. 1460, Xia Chang, China, Hanging scroll; ink on paper (1989.235.1)
Brush holder, Joseon dynasty, late 18th–19th century, Korea, Porcelain with openwork design of lotus flowers (11.142.1)
Brush holder, Ming dynasty, early 17th century, Zhang Xihuang (active early 17th century), China, Bamboo (1994.208)
Classic of Filial Piety, Northern Song dynasty, ca. 1085, Li Gonglin (Chinese), Handscroll; ink on silk (1996.479)
[Cornelius Conway Felton with His Hat and Coat], early 1850s, John Adams Whipple (American), Daguerreotype (1997.382.41)
Couplet, dated 1867, Zhao Zhiqian (Chinese), Pair of hanging scrolls; ink on paper (2000.345.1,2)
Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Garden, Ming dynasty, ca. 1437, After Xie Huan, China, Handscroll; ink and color on silk (1989.141.3)
Epitaph tablets, Joseon dynasty, dated 1736, Korea, Set of thirty-four, Porcelain with underglaze cobalt-blue (1998.486.1-.34)
Erasmus of Rotterdam (1469?–1536), Hans Holbein the Younger (German), Oil on wood (1975.1.138)
Erasmus of Rotterdam, 1526, Albrecht Dürer (German), Engraving (19.73.120)
Fisherman, Yuan dynasty, ca. 1350, Wu Zhen (Chinese), Handscroll; ink on paper (1989.363.33)
Groom and Horse, dated 1296, Zhao Mengfu (Chinese), Handscroll, ink and color on paper (1988.135)
Guillaume Budé, ca. 1536, Jean Clouet (French), Tempera and oil on wood (46.68)
Ink tablet with peach tree, Ming dynasty, dated 1576, China, Black ink (30.76.197)
Inkstone and box, Qing dynasty, early 18th century, inscribed with dates corresponding to 1370 and 1702, China, Green schist and wood (1981.120.1a-c)
Landscape and Chinese Figures, Nagasawa Rosetsu (Japanese), Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink on gilded paper (1975.268.75, 76)
Martin Luther (1483–1546), Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Oil on wood (55.220.2)
Martin Luther as a Monk, 1520, Lucas Cranach the Elder (German), Engraving (20.64.21)
Medallion with Return from a Spring Outing, Ming dynasty (1368–1644), late 16th–early 17th century, China, Ivory (1993.176)
Narcissus, Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279), Zhao Mengjian (Chinese), Handscroll; ink on paper (1973.120.4)
Netsuke: Hanging scroll with image of Shôki and demons, 19th century, Japanese, Ivory (10.211.513)
Orchids and Rocks, Muromachi period (1392–1573), Gyokuen Bompo (Japanese), Japan, Hanging scroll; ink on paper (1975.268.38)
Plates from Treatise on Etching, 1866, Maxime-François-Antoine Lalanne (French), Etchings (59.500.789, .790)
Plum Branch, Joseon dynasty, 1888, Yi Yuwon (Korean), Hanging scroll, ink on paper (1990.230)
Saint Jerome as Cardinal, ca. 1610–14, El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) (Greek), Oil on canvas (1975.1.146)
Scholar by a Waterfall, Southern Song dynasty, late 12th–early 13th century, Ma Yuan (Chinese), Album leaf: ink and color on silk (1973.120.9)
Seated Bishop, ca. 1495, Tilman Riemenschneider (German), Lindenwood, black stain (1970.137.1)
Simple Retreat, Yuan dynasty, ca. 1370, Wang Meng (Chinese), Hanging scroll; ink and color on paper (L.1997.24.8)
Su Dongpo in Straw Hat and Wooden Shoes, Muromachi period, second half of 15th century, Artist Unknown, Japan, Hanging scroll; ink on paper (1975.268.39)
Twin Pines, Level Distance, Yuan dynasty, ca. 1300, Zhao Mengfu (Chinese), Handscroll: ink on paper (1973.120.5)
University Scepter, before 1478, Germany (possibly Rostock or Lübeck), Cast and raised silver and silver gilt on steel core (2011.358)
Water dropper in the shape of a fish, Joseon dynasty, late 19th century, Korea, Porcelain painted with underglaze cobalt blue (2003.549)