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Stone, Garnet

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Armband with a Herakles knot, Hellenistic, 3rd–2nd century B.C., Greek, Gold, garnet, emerald, enamel (1999.209)
Beads, 18th century, Morocco, Fabricated from sheet and set with emeralds and rubies and/or fine garnets (1981.5.18,19)
Belt Buckle, 550–600, Visigothic, Copper alloy, cells inset with garnets, glass, lapis lazuli, and cuttlefish bone (1988.305 ab)
Bow Brooch with Disk, early 700s, Vendel, Copper alloy with mercury gilding and garnet (47.100.25 ab)
Brooch, ca. 1882–92, Jacques & Marcus (American), New York, Gold, pearl, demantoid garnets, diamonds (2001.246)
Brooch, first half of 5th century, Eastern Germanic, Silver with gold sheet overlay, garnets (47.100.19)
Buckle in the Shape of an Eagle, 6th century, Ostrogothic, Gilt silver, garnet (95.15.100a-c)
Buckle, 5th century, Eastern Germanic, Gold garnets (1986.341)
Buckle, 6th century, Ostrogothic, probably found in Italy, Gilt silver, garnet (95.15.103a,b)
Buddhist Disciple, Phra Sankachai, ca. late 17th century, Thailand, Bronze with traces of gilding; eyes inlaid with shell and garnet (2001.27)
Burse, first quarter of 18th century, English, Silk, metal thread, pearls, and garnets on silk velvet (64.101.1363)
Collar Pendant, late 5th–early 6th century; Ostrogothic, Domagnano, Republic of San Marino, Gold, garnet, glass (17.190.698)
Cup supported by enchained Turk, ca. 1700, German; Frankfurt am Main, Jade (nephrite), aragonate (alabaster), chalcedony, onyx, diamonds, rubies, garnets, silver-gilt, and gold (1975.1.1508)
Diadem with kinnari (half-bird, half-female creatures), 9th–10th century, India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir) or Pakistan, Gold inset with garnet (1988.395)
Disk Brooch and Two Pendants, early 600s, Anglo-Saxon; Probably made in Faversham, southeastern England; Found at Teynam, southeastern England, Gold, cells inset with garnets and glass, border inlaid with niello (1987.90.1,2,3)
Disk Brooch, 650–725, Frankish; Found in Férebrianges or Petit-Troussy, northern France, Gold sheet with filigree and inlays of garnet, stone, glass, and pearl (17.191.134)
Disk Brooch, 675–700, Frankish; Found in Niederbreisig, western Germany, Gold sheet with filigree and inlays of garnet, glass, and mother-of-pearl (17.193.83)
Finger Ring with a Cross, 450–525, Frankish, Gold sheet with filigree and granulation, cloisonné cells inset with garnet and mother-of-pearl (17.192.229)
Hair ornament, ca. 1904, Louis Comfort Tiffany (American), Silver, enamel, black and pink opals, demantoid garnets (2002.620)
Head of a bodhisattva, 5th–6th century; Afghanistan, probably from Hadda, Clay or terracotta, garnet (1986.2)
Hinged ring, 2nd–1st century B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek, Gold with garnet (2005.278)
Intaglio with Eros carrying the weapons of Herakles, 1st century B.C., Roman, Almandine garnet (81.6. 31)
Jeremiah Lee, ca. 1769, John Singleton Copley (American), Watercolor on ivory (39.174)
Necklace and earrings, Late Hellenistic, 1st century B.C., Greek, Gold, garnet, agate (1994.230.4–.6)
Pair of Bird-Shaped Brooches, 550–600, Frankish, Gold sheet, cloisonné cells inset with garnets, glass, and pearl, garnets backed with patterned foil (17.191.164-165)
Pair of earrings, 2nd–1st century B.C.; Hellenistic, Greek, Gold, beryl, and garnet (74.51.3401-3402)
Pectoral of Princess Sit-Hathor-yunet (detail), Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reigns of Senwosret II–Amenemhat III, ca. 1887–1813 B.C., Egyptian; From Lahun, Gold, carnelian, feldspar, garnet, turquoise (16.1.3)
Pendant Brooch with Cameo of Enthroned Virgin and Child, cameo 11th–12th century; Rus' mount 12th–14th century, Byzantine (Constantinople), Chalcedony cameo in gold mount with pearls, emeralds, garnets, sapphires, and sardonyx intaglio (2007.9)
Pendant, 1891–1902, Marcus & Company (American), New York, Arizona turquoise, demantoid garnets, gold (2001.239)
Prancing Horse, New Kingdom, late Dynasty 18, probably reign of Amenhotep III, ca. 1391–1353 B.C., Egyptian, Ivory, garnet inlay (26.7.1293)
Shoe Buckle, 400–450, Hunnic or Frankish, Gold, garnets (17.190.697)