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Textile in Silk from Africa and Egypt

Textile, Silk, Africa (including Egypt)

Works of Art (15)

Embroidered panel, ca. 1800, Morocco, Linen, silk (1970.272)
Hanging, 18th century, Tunisia, silk, damask weave, joined (09.160)
Panel from a curtain, 18th century, North Africa, Linen, silk (69.142)
Prestige Cloth, Ghana, Ewe peoples, 1930–50, Cotton and silk (2010.555)
Roundel with Amazons and a cross, 7th–9th century (?), Egypt or Syria (?), Weft-faced compound twill (samite) in green, beige, and brownish silk(1987.442.5)
Silk with Griffins, first half of 13th century, Central Asian, Sicilian, or North African, Silk and silver-gilt metal on parchment over cotton (1984.344)
Textile fragment with hunting scene, 8th century, Egypt or Syria, Silk; samite (51.57)
Textile fragment with inscription, 10th–11th century, Iraq, Cotton, gold, ink; plain weave, painted (32.129.2)
Textile fragment, 11th century, Egypt, Fustat, Linen and silk (27.170.67)
Textile Fragment, 6th–7th century, Iraq or Syria, Silk (15.109)
Textile fragment, Coptic period (3rd–12th century), probably 6th–7th century, Egypt, Silk, linen; plain weave, embroidered (90.5.16)
Textile fragment, dated A.H. 328/A.D. 939–40, Egypt, Damietta, Linen, silk; plain weave, embroidered (29.179.13)
Textile fragment, mid-11th century, Egypt, Fustat, Linen, silk; resist-dyed (ikat), plain weave, tapestry weave (27.170.28)
Textile fragment, Nasrid period (1232–1492), 14th–15th century, Spain or North Africa, Silk, lampas (46.156.16)
Textile Mantile (Lamba Mpanjaka), 1998, Madagascar; Malagasy (Merina) peoples, Silk (1999.102)