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Amphoriskos (perfume bottle), late 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D.; Augustan or early Julio-Claudian,Roman, Banded agate (2001.253)
Bowl Base with Old and New Testament Scenes, ca. 350–400, Byzantine, said to have been found in 1715 in the Roman catacomb of Saint Callisto, Glass, gold leaf (16.174.2)
Bowl Base with Saints Peter and Paul Flanking a Column with the Christogram of Christ, made late 300s, Gold, glass leaf, Byzantine, from Rome (16.174.3)
Bronze footbath with stand, late 5th–early 4th century B.C., Greek, Bronze (38.11.5a,b)
Bronze kylix (drinking cup), 4th–3rd century B.C., Greek, Bronze (07.286.97)
Bronze oinochoe, mid-6th century B.C., Greek, Bronze (1997.158)
Dish with "kaleidoscope" design, Ottoman period (ca. 1299–1923), ca. 1580–85, Turkey, Iznik, Stonepaste; polychrome painted under transparent glaze (1991.172)
"Gondola" cup with figure personifying a spring, ca. 1620–25; model, ca. 1600–1610, Probably by Guillaume Dupré (French), Lead-glazed earthenware (53.225.54)
Lekythos (oil flask), ca. 440 B.C.; white ground, Attributed to the Achilles Painter, Greek, Attic, Terracotta (1989.281.72)
Low-footed bowl with bust of a woman, ca. 1530, Urbino or Castel Durante, Tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica) (1975.1.1084)
Plate, ca. 520–510 B.C.; red-figure, Greek, Attic, Signed by Epiktetos as painter, Terracotta (1981.11.10)
Strigilated vase with snake handles and lid, second half of 2nd century A.D.; Antonine, Roman, Marble (2007.31a,b)
Vase, 1915, Sara Galner (American, born Galicia [Ukraine]); Paul Revere Pottery (also known as the "Saturday Evening Girls") (American, 1908), Boston, Massachusetts, Earthenware (2000.31)
Vessel terminating in the forepart of a bull, 15th–13th century B.C.; Hittite Empire period, Central Anatolia, Silver (1989.281.11)

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